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Ultraviolet - Volume II: Medius

Ultraviolet - Volume II: Medius

The second of a series of three retrospective frag films, Medius includes content from the most popular era of ET (2005-2009). Unlike the previous volume, Principium, this film contains a lot of in-eye footage and is a much more lively viewing experience, while still maintaining the tone of the series.

The film contains scenes from over 35 Enemy Territory players from all around the world. Some of the footage has been seen before, but much of it will be presented in a frag film for the first time and hopefully in a way that viewers have not really seen before in Enemy Territory.

Initially I had intended for all three movies to be short, however, due to all of the content I wanted to use and a lot of ideas that I had, this volume is over ten minutes in length.

Special thanks go to:
• requem for beta-testing and advice
• Artstar for beta-testing and sending content.
• Kimi for his great work on the GamesTV stats parser. It can be found here -
[W:ET] w1lko FragMovie ,,The Flash of Glory"

[W:ET] w1lko FragMovie ,,The Flash of Glory"

w1lko is the biggest aimbot in The Polish community. I would like to present you his the best performances, skill shoots, headshots and other amazing and very cool things. This is probably his last fragmovie, but maybe i will create something else. Who knows ? :D
Here is my YouTube channel ->
Why Frag In A Trickjump Game

Why Frag In A Trickjump Game



An original trickjump movie starring some of the best jumpers (mostly madman) out there. This was a really long project that took me way too much time to finish, but I hope everyone enjoys it. Let's keep trickjumping alive :)

Technical stuff:
Project Size: 201GB
Source FPS: 300
Final Render Size: 1.85GB
Codec: x264/AAC
x264 Settings: --preset placebo --pass 2 --bitrate 30000 --threads 6 --deblock -1:-1 --keyint 300 --me umh
Render Time: 4:48:51

Blue Stahli - Enemy
Blue Stahli - The Fall
Starset - Antigravity

Download (714MB):!gVYFSRRA!-2r4x4JShDFP6TPbrH9mToGPZMTwyULe8stepEIacm8
My first month playing ET

My first month playing ET

random 3v3's :)
demo + mp3
1080p + 60fps

thx to:
ohurcool for the et 2015 pack
oxy for his config
agon for his moviepack
artstar for his tips


Finally managed to put this together.

Frags from 2012 to early 2013.
This will most likely be my last ET movie.

Legal/Bloodspawn guys
and all the guys/girls that I've had the pleasure to play with! :)

Special shoutouts:
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