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Reminiscence of THE NERDEST trailer by nsd & cae

The so called "deadline" of our fragmovie extended a little too much, so we decided to make a trailer / test mp4.


dl link in "other" tab.

Edited by nsd

Push 'n Jump

Push 'n Jump - A little less typical trickjump movie

Most of the jumps seen in the movie are meant to be useful in normal (or competitive) play and therefore are recorded with competition settings (nofatigue = 0, b_fixedphysics = 1, etc.). All of the co-jumps are achieved with etpro's push feature. The demos used to make this movie are from 2008-2009.

destiny 2010 teaser

A video I've been looking for, many thanks to requem for finding it and uploading for me!

:frags by destiny
:edit by reltu

made in 2010.

MUSIC: Hecq - Steeltongued (Ultre Steal Tongues)

Ceres Minimovie

After two years of waiting for Tomun to make it, I finally decided to throw together a demo+mp3 minimovie for Ceres

Frags by Ceres from 2006-2014
Production Time: 3 days (two of which were spent failing to encode -_-)

One Thousand and One Loads (Original TJ)

One Thousand and One Loads
A community effort of original trickjumps from frag maps.
The name is a pun on the amount of attempts some of these jumps took.
Even though they may look easy on video, some of these tricks require
insane precision to perform. All jumps done with normal Pmove_Msec 8
physics. No cheats were used while performing the jumps.
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