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Revan trickjump

A little collection of my old trickjump movies. Always enjoyed gammajumps, never used cgaz.
I might make a new one but actually im lookin for moviemaker.

Q of the Game - Overwatch - Silveri - Clip

Made this short clip of myself playing Overwatch. Go check it out! Any feedback welcome.

7ele's unpatched demofolder

DEMO to MP4 of my old unpatched demofolder. Demos are from 2006-2009 on ET 2.55

HARD RESET - A Titanfall Movie

HARD RESET - A Titanfall Movie

After 4 months of production, HARD RESET has been released. Directed by Andrew "Demanufacturer" Townsend - Director of the Wolf: ET movies Vindication and Redemption. Demanufacturer aka DMAN led the first Australian team to attend and compete at Quakecon back in 2005. His team Modus Operandi finished 5th in the tournament.

Making full use of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, HARD RESET showcases some public but mostly competition footage including voice comms. Due to only having POV shadowplay footage available (no cams) a lot of custom motion graphics have been used to wrap up the footage with complex intros and outros.

Reflex and Chill [Gone Shaft]

I would like to thank all the players getting fragged in this movie for the many fun hours of Reflex. Thanks to the devs for creating this awesome ever-evolving game and listening to the community.
Also, I would like to thank everyone following my stream at and the ArenaFPS stream/subreddit.
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