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undisputed frag king 3v3

3v3 fraps movie of 2015 frags by sungi

Frags mostly from scrims, some from actual official wars!
No editing, just frags and music

Lapko - Money for Nothing
Final Fantasy VI OST - Slam Shuffle
Darkness - Get Your Hands Off Of My Woman
Scooter - Fire
Sparzanza - Temple of the Red Eyed Pigs

download undemonized yao ming here:

Proving Grounds#2 - WuT's minimovie

This shortie contains stuff from Proving Grounds #2 which took place on January 17 2016.
I wanted to make everything as fast as possible in order to have some kind of souvenir(:D). I didn't even check my whole recordings and I just put everything randomly.

YermaN Humiliation

Content by sTOWNAGE, KRESTi, Bl4d3, FLoPJEHZ
Edited by KRESTi

Rong: Against All Odds

against all odds starring Rong
edited by sungi
xPERiA - #fail

xPERiA - #fail

Found an old project I was 'working' on containing frags from 2010 and 2011 I believe.
If you're expecting a good looking movie and care about graphics and neatly synced sound you should not watch this.
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