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DaNe on Extasy_beta

DaNe on Extasy_beta

movie made by me,be patient i'm no movie maker,i just gave me a try.

prog´s used :Image-ET / Virtual-dub / Sony-vegas 12 Pro / MeGui

Music used : Machine Gun Kelly - Sail / Machine Gun Kelly - Halo

Special Thanks to gungh0 for help

also good channel´s
HR - The Movie 2

HR - The Movie 2

Ti+es' very eighth Fragmovie starring Ti+es and Ekto

It's nothing special, and not really any editing :D
but i think i got a decent quali.

I hope you njoy it anyway.

Ti+es is open for any critique ;)


The Glitch Mob - Nalepa Monday remix
Ska Punk Covers - Don't worry, Be Happy
Skillet - Rebirthing
Rise Against - Help is on the way

Thanks to h0s for motivation, for 2 days atleast ;)
furthermore to 7ele, for one cmd :D
HS clan 3v3 tourney

HS clan 3v3 tourney

First and only movie made for ET. About a year ago now.

Ran into many issues, and excuse the low quality frags - Most people involved are pub players.
yokoo the movie

yokoo the movie

I present you my movie kindly made by blade. I wanted a movie for my memories and also to show it to my children... It was released long time ago but some people conviced me to share it (hi).

This is mostly a 3v3 movie with frags of the passed 2 years. There are few old 6v6 frags when I was in sticked, famas,...
Be cool with blade, it was his first time at movie making. I was rly disapointed about the quality drops caused by youtube so I might put a download link if enough people ask for it.

Big thanks again to people who helped us >> Raiven, Swanidius, Artstar
fanatic the movie 2

fanatic the movie 2

Music: Story of The Year - Until the Day I Die
Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Outro)

Made by mental
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