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Hey guys this is my little "after work" project...restore my old fragmovie
Originally it was released in 2011

So now its available in 4K resolution.

3840x1856 : 60FPS
codec: h265
size: 2gb

Adlernest on heavy drugs

Well, this clip's became old now... Prepare for a badtrip on ET map Adlernest. As you have probably seen tons of ET fragmovies, this one would be something different.

Please, don't hate the editing, as you will see it is veeery spontaneous...
I have changed no textures to get the effect, just messing with ET cvars.
Hope you'll like it.

JRV Inc.

Decided to finish this old project
Juurviljad fragmovie featuring synce and Elliot

999 Units Per Second

The end is finally here. After months and months of jumping, here is one last final original trickjump movie. I'm fairly confident saying there will never ever be a movie with better jumps anymore.

Thank you, the community, for the endless hours spent on this game.
Thank you Splash Damage for giving us this amazing game.
Thank you for watching.

Good bye.

Revan trickjump

A little collection of my old trickjump movies. Always enjoyed gammajumps, never used cgaz.
I might make a new one but actually im lookin for moviemaker.
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