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7ele - Aggression

Fragmovie by dutch rifler Netherlands 7ele. I like to play with an aggressive rifle style so expect some nice fastpaced clutch frags.

I don't consider myself to be a good moviemaker and this is my first serious project so far. Nevertheless i put quite some effort into this and I hope you will enjoy! :)

mirror 1: own3d stream (fucked quali)
mirror 2: megaupload (.mkv)
mirror 3: rapidshare (.mkv)
mirror 4: youtube (fucked quali)

it appears streams don't like mkv files :d

image: 1-2
image: 4-2
image: 2-1
Tele = Win !
7ele ftw =D
uncle tele <3
<reserved> :p
haha win + 360 :D
nice movie brah!
nice 7ele :DD mooie movie man! xx
really nice !
QuoteHet bestand dat u probeert te downloaden is tijdelijk niet beschikbaar. Probeer het later opnieuw.

megaupload, wants 2 download, hate streams :<
dunno, megaupload works here. :)

16 jan. 2011

aggression-muxed.mkv3.3 MB/s - 166 MB van 307 MB, 42 seconden resterend
works now for me aswell :]
Haha, outro was really cool :D

Nice quality, quality frags aswell : ) Glad you mixed it up with some smg/pistol kills, the 360 kills were nice aswell. Good job for your first serious movie! Enjoyed it ; )
wich map is it @ 0:22 and 0:33 ?
base12_b6. Was part of a newmaps cup about a year ago
Thanks for the fast answer. After downloading and hosting the map i can remember now that i played it even 1 or 2 times. Thanks
good movie but the outro is stolen from the BuLL got M1lked ...
still working on mine mAusrice mate?:P
obviously ;)
nice movie mate :D didnt expect this style
editing/config could be better though

No ALNC movie but I enjoyed it :D
liked it :P
fast, some nice frags
decent quality
not much sync

its overall good because its fast paced.
very nice movie 7ele :D! 10/10
nice movie :) no lan frags? :(
didn't fit in this movie :(
nice movie :)
tele<3 really nice movie glad you finished one :D:D:D<3
liked the flow :D
loved it :)
nice movie 7ele.
only thing i didn't like is the target tag (you make it so ugly) :p
music used dude?
In order of appearance:


Celldweller - Eon

PASSION PIT - THE REELING (Bubblegum remix)

DJ Hero - Daft Punk Robot Rock vs Hashim Al Naafiysh The Soul
Thanks for this Daft Punk mix <3
thanks a lot <3
nice movie n fragz btw. 10/10
nice movie, nice headshots on lio's feet:DDD
content was really good:)
rly enjoyable movie :)
whats the song from 3.38 - 4.20? shazam doesnt know it :(
posted them now a bit up :)
thanx mate <3
nicely done
awesome, didnt know theres already a bot for rifle :)
There is, i banned some from server after screenshot showed it.

rly n1 movie, i can only repeat the others. I like the most the onpurpose luckshots @ 1:04 and 4:56 :D
Rofl I have never heard of you and I haven't commented in movie sections for a moment, but this rocked :D!
Colors are a bit dull, but rest is very enjoyable!
Good job, especially for your first project! Best movie of 2011 so far.. x)
Well done
Awsome movie
really nice one!

enjoyable and entertaining!
well done
Enjoyed it a lot.
Nice content and fast paced.

Much better than some dude spending 2 years on perfect colors and then finish without any editing.
thanks for all the positive comments so far guys! really appreciate it :)
Absolutely awesome movie mate, really really enjoyed it :) great quality for first time

Personally I didnt really like the popups :( and needed abit more sync but incredible effort for ur first movie 8.5/10 <3
omg I just noticed I'm in this movie ... love it even more now :-D
the music was good, quality too i guess (watched it on stream).
the editing could have been a little bit better, but OMG
the frags!!!!

best i`ve seen i a while
Rly nice movie, laughed at the panzer frag :))
+ soundtrack
+ artline rolled on supply
+ global frags
+ stylish shot on adler

gj 7ele, enjoyed :]
awesome stuff you got there tele mate! well done.
Expected demo+mp3 but I'm really surprised! Nice work and I hope You will continue it in the future. =] Frags are pretty insane and fast-paced. Good job!
Nice movie man!! + muziek

Ps: foei foei mannen u zo laten ownen :P (Pur3)
Damn son... that was awesome! :-D
sick movie!
you seem to have done everything right that's necessary: good frags, good music, editing and config. but somehow it was missing the last special something.
Movie of the year so far. Well directed, decent music, no excessive effects which distract from frags. More than excelent if this is your first serious project. Keep moviemaking.
quite nice
surprisingly good
tele is my man, n1!
Very nice rifle movie!
Fast paced,nice music/frag sync and good content!
Quality and config are good aswell,keep on making movies!
Good job!
Finally something worth to watch!

good job m8
must be nice if it is from nick ! ;)
supringly good for someone who i never knew played rifle :)
brilliant makes me wanna play et again ;)
Noooo, why meee!

great movie, sick frags 9/10
Entrancing movie, excellent action's tempo, some breathtaking frags. Great work!
nais frags :)
Nice movie rly :D
nice work dude
Great job 7ele :) well done, nice frags!
nice movie mate :)
nice one
very nice movie!
die happy & codelust frags herinner ik me nog :)

beestje dat je bent
really nice movie!

hope u keep on moviemaking, if not for u, maybe for other people!
haha was expecting this frag against us whole movie :P didn't forget it :) Nicee movie liked it.
Coming from a total newb, can you tell me exactly what software you used?
lekkere frags jochie !
nice one :)
i like, lio and vila rolled hard
well done, good frags - good music - good quality & okayish syncing.
Awww, you didn't use the intro you showed me
Anyway sickkkkkkkkkk movie
Amazing frags brahhh
Usually I don't like rifle movies but this was something special, I really enjoyed watching the movie. :)
Quote Usually I don't like rifle movies but this was something special

very nice movie :D
nice movie 7ele, good job with rifle :)

Nice editing, quality & musiiic!
doet ie niet moeilijk over
First movie after Fragarea 3 which I watched till the end! Nicely done.
Just awsome! I didnt even know it is possible to do it with rifle! haha

Great job mate!
Not as good as what people said. Bad camwork. Missing contrast. No excitement.
I loved it !
Needs to be uploaded to an ftp or somewhere other that megaupload / rapidshare, i get like 10kbs to those sites god dam it!! :(
nice movie, enjoyed it :)
was probably drunk
liked it :)
Awesome movie, really enjoyed it (and linked it to a few people who also love it). Great stuff. :)
welcome to 6 months ago!!!!!!:P
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