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Defrag 2011

Well, after lots of problems with tjmod which has no freecam function and some other issues, its finally here. I wanted to create a movie with very good quality, some syncing and a bit creativity, but nothing too overedited. It's totally not my style and I dont really like it, still I dont want to disappoint the people that have been waiting for the movie, so I still hope you can enjoy it..

Mais.. On s'en fout!
A défaut de twitter, je crossfire.
Well, i've downloaded and seen it twice. Gonna write a little review of what i enjoyed the most etc etc.

+ quality - stunning quality, sweet color (just the way i like it..colorful!), cfg etc etc
+ music style for Tj

+- edit /sync - i think you could have synced the jumps a bit, with a few cams n stuff. It feels like it needs more edit/sync at some places or better cams.

- cams / smooth - it feels a bit laggy sometimes because you used a low velocity curve. This kind of music request fast movements / cams.. Slowing makes it look weird. Some cameras are a bit weird too, try to work them more next time!

Some suggestions:
- use less glow/ saturation to prevent the white areas to become "bad" quality. For example check 5:28.. the hill
- smoother cam points.. check the outro.. it's weird somehow

Anyway, it's a cool movie, cool jumps, excellent quality... The outro/credits made me feel bad because i've always wanted to do this kind of thing at my own movie... now i will have to copy you and fragarea movie xD

Keep em coming mate!

edit: sorry, completely forgot about the no freecam thing blabla!
thanks a lot ag0n, thats why I gave you a shoutout :>

about that smootheness: I recorded in uvmoviemod without motionblur, just captureFPS 100.. could that be the fault? :S
About the glow: At 0:58 there are also some weird "lines" at the edges of the buildings, is that a fault of too high glow as well?

thanks a lot for the criticism, now its your turn to make a good movie :) <3
Well it is smooth enough, i just mean you slowed the clip, sometimes, too much thats why it looks laggy!

@58 seconds... mm... it's a normal "problem" of radar, can't remember how to solve this, BUT next time try to use r_zfar 0 pr whatever is the default value, to see the sky a little bit, even with fog.
alright, thanks a lot :) <3
Sweeeet looking and the effects, would like to see a "real" movie looking like that, has been a while.
Nice editing Gemb.

gun position is strange same for cg gun :D
well done gemb, lovely movie
gj Gemb. nice movie ^^
thanks, I guess you saw that Defragarea inspired me :>
nicely done!
hmm not bad, would've been better if you put optical flares transfer mode to screen or add though
I did that :O
well, maybe you changed it at optical flares and not at the layer itself (solid?)

try it ^^
I changed the solid to add/screen :S
hmmm, doesn't look like it though :(
my favourite song in it, already 10 for content, gonna rate exactlier l8er (:

by all means (solarity mix)<333333333333
Trickjump movie? Not gonna watch it then :[ Was hoping for a fragmovie
Why are you so fucking picky over the movies you watch? Clearly a lot of effort has gone into it and you won't watch it just because it doesn't have frags in it. Pretty sad..
Just cuz of the simple fact that I dont like trickjump movies. I dont like horrors, so I dont watch horrors. So tell me, why is it sad? Its cool that alot of people like this video, and appereantly its really nice aswell. So I hope that he;s going to continue with his moviemaking and make a sick-ass fragmovie once.
nice movie, awesome tj's

also music really fitted well, really peaceful, almost could fall asleep on it :)
very nice gemb! <3
+ pretty good quality and colors
+ content, jumps are amazing
+ the music fits with the jumps

- didnt like the fov and gunpos
- cams felt unsmooth, most of them were sort of decent, but the last one (outro) was just awful
- editing. Most of the cuts and transitions (or lack of them) were bad and ruined the flow of the movie at several points

overally not that bad as i may have made it sound, but you can do better
thanks for the criticism, but you are totally right, motivation lacked at the end :S
shit movie
nice nice
Nice mix beetween used/unused maps
amazing jumps and quality
music is great

-cams 2 slow
yea thats a thing I was really looking for, I hate seeing overused TJ maps, too :/
amazing qualilty and content, nice stuff :)

also mixing some new maps was a great idea.
nice jumpz, good editing, but gemb cannot into camz :[ gj anyway
you should give him a link to your tut then

maybe a bit more editing would of been nice, and sorry but the cams were quite bad :<

other than that it was great, the quality and colours are fantastic!
liked it :=)
old jumps :( but still was nice movie
didnt liked the quality (Stream) - seemed to be a lil bit laggy / unsmooth

edit : I downloaded it , and it was alot better ! But still Third person seemed a little unsmooth !
And your cams also + they were a little weird sometimes :)

And i think you should've done the movie without slowmotion , a fast movie would be better :)

But your color choice was amazing i liked it alot :) And this kind of clear image without all that blurred stuff was also very nice :)
yea streams are ruining the quality ;S
originals > gamma for sure, nicely done
I really like it: ) GJ Gemb!
loved the qualy and colours especially

oj and rly liked the appearance of some of the pub maps
Nice to see ET movie after a while :)
Some maps were bit too dark but overall it was a nice movie, well done.
nice movie :) with all those ET movies hosted on the ftp i think its time to finally find some decent v-server hoster :S

if anyone can recommend me one pm me plz (bnc need to be allowed, no bandwith limit if u are >10-50 mbit/s avg. per week, not too expensive, 50gb+ space, unlimited traffic)
I should've mentioned you as well in the shoutouts, really awesome ftp :)
np :) Let me know if u need more space
liked it :)

i like your config =D
thx, its the wrapped-productions cfg with some slightly changes in gunpos and fps/blur :>
nice work Gemb, really good quality. Is that Supply jump possible with a match config? :p (hope so)
wondering about the same thing since years ..
well, I just know that all jumps have been done with standard TJ configs and pmove_Fixed 1, server settings should be similiar to match cfgs..

thanks :)
No it's not, as it requires nofatigue.
But apart from that, yes.
A lot of maps i never saw and looks cool , n1 movie , liked it even if im not a friend of tjmovies^^
+ quality
+ nice music , fits very well
+ content was good! :)
+ the movie flows well, makes you watch it to the end

- maybe cams, but i know they are hard to master :p
- editing can be improved ( i know your capable of doing sick editing, so next time do it! :p )

All in all really enjoyable and gratz Gemb! :)
Can't wait to see a fragmovie from you after watching this...
thanks for the criticism :> well yeah, I tried to keep it quite clean without too many effects, wanted to fully concentrate on quali :/
Now you know you can acheive such quality, it's time to mix with some effects , keeping the quality obviously

Gl with future projects ! :)
yea I'll give my best :) gl for your projects too, cant wait to see the pistol movie :>
im working on isr-destinys movie atm, because the demos i received for the pistols movie was either really not worth showing and not good enough material (only had max 5 good demos :/ ) which i would not like to spend alot of time on .. :/

So my next movie will be destiny's :P
with his frags you can do the best et movie :)
i know, should see the content i have , everysingle demo out of the 90 he sent me are just amazing , aimwise and brain wise :p
Nice job GermanyGemb , haven't see these "regular" map tj movies for while!
I personally enjoyed this , nice jumpers and nice music(fits well as peoples told above me)

Keep on doin movies , you know howto.
Coast is in there, thus win
did you also make the map Castle Eltz btw?
no thats FireFly (pirates)
Pretty nice colors and quality. :o Need these unusual maps in fragmovies also (Variousity of colors and locations.)!

E: Thanks for shoutout. Didn't expect that. :o
yea thats why I was especially looking for saberpeak and coast, most beautiful maps in ET imo.. the shoutout is cause you are a nice guy who doesnt "troll" or insult someone without reason, which is quite rare here :>
In reality I'm more nervous and annoying person. :P Forgot mention about snowflake effect on Railgun. It's really nice but in the future (If You've got again maps like Railgun) You can expand this on frost on weapon (Just modify TGA file) and on screen's edges (Look at Crysis). :)
;P Yea that would be a great idea, didnt think about that yet :]
"Defrag" + "Game: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory"

y u do dis :(

config/quality/some effects were nice, wasnt really any sync to the music though + slowmo was annoying after a while

jumps were decent
My dream is to do a Quake 3 Defrag movie, but I think this will never happen x( thanks for criticism!
always tought "defrag" was supposed to be panzer/nade jump, combo jump etc ( like defrag from quaky and others "defrag" movie from ql )

cfg was okay but a bit dark for me

better to use white font text colour ( coz sometimes it was hard to read the name of jumper because of ur cfg )

liked the music and u used nice sync effect :)

jump were nice
I think defrag just means a Movie without fragging scenes in, and Defragarea by quaky didnt have any panzer/nade jump or combo jumps in..
well it was another movie m
with defrag, then ;o
I think you mean Defrag by ems, which is with panzer/nade jump and combos :>
probably :)
Defrag is a Quake 3 mod and has fuck all to do with ET.
The quality was pretty amazing in this movie.havent seen while this quality around
new movies.Me like the colors.
Saw Qualy comment,i think he likes this move coz of the trance music^^
I also like.

Well thats bad.They arent smooth.Next time use bigger timescale to reduce player
lagging effect and then use right rendering FPS duo the recorded FPS.(Q3 engine
allows max 30FPS:))
The flyout of the W was ...
Was hoping it flys fullly out,but no it ended just in half.Let it fly!!

Thats it.
Hey man!
Finally i saw your movie i waited for so long :)
I see, it was a good thing to tell you to ask Stuns for some jumps.. he is a real talent!
And not only him, there are many other really extraordinary jumpers! I myself jumped some "noob" TJ maps a year ago and i know how fucking hard it is and how many time you need to invest in this.

Sometimes, i go on a TJ server only to spec the "names" of the scene... really impressive sometimes particularly when they jump on originals, not those gammas (which can be extremely hard too!).

Would have been nice to see the map 'Refinery', i think its a great 'new' map which can only be beaten by the pros. Check it out!

Thx for your movie so far, maybe we can see another TJ one in the future!!

finally :3 I tried to make some jumps for the movie too, but just on really unknown maps like Castle Eltz and so on, but I even fail with cgaz :D I think you will see another small TJ movie soon, but this time without trance ..

cherio miss sophie!
what about the another tj movie now?! :D
i wanna vote you for best movie 2011^^
:o there was only 1 tj movie planned, you can vote for Defrag 2011 already ^_^
quote: "I think you will see another small TJ movie soon, but this time without trance .."
project was skipped cause I didnt have enough leftovers left :S
ah ok ;)
maybe 2012!
I don't really think I will release another movie, besides a Community Movie, in 2012. Will stop moviemaking then, reallife is calling :)
I'm not familar with these v's :<
(reallife) incoming! ;)
ah :D yea, true story :>
+ Config, really loved it, especially the sky.
+ Good jumps
+ JUMPS!!!
+ Pretty good music for tj movie!
+ Effects, snowflake/raindrop effects were awesome, tho when raindrops just dissappeared it felt just weird, you should have let them fall till the bottom
+/- Sync, there were really no sync in movie which would have bringed something in this movie
+/- Some scenes were too long, tho this is just a little thing
- I am pretty sure I have seen one jump before
- Load/Save, not really important tho:DD
- Cams
- Useless slow-motions

Awesome video, one of the best trickjump videos:)
thanks for your criticism, really appreciate that.. but what do you mean with Load/Save? :o The seen jump is probably the one on supply I guess?

Thanks a lot :)
At least on oasis jump you see some guy doing /load, not really big deal :D
ah ok, yea I didnt like to see other jumpers as well, but thats how I received the demos :S
-Content (shit jumps in custom maps, old jumps in original maps)
-Editing (especially the fucking cancerous weather effects and cams)
-Constant fucking slo-mo

Nothing new, just the same old shit all over again.
did you like the quality?

e: ah well, I think people said the right thing, you are just jelly on stuns :/
From the point of view of someone who can't trickjump (most of the community) I'd understand that those jumps seem amazing, but for anyone who's actually searched for original jumps in the past, those are nothing new.

There were only a couple of jumps I hadn't seen before, and the ones in the original maps were just redundant bouncing from side to side with no actual value.
go make a movie with jumps noone have seen b4 ^_^
Anything new and movie-worthy would be a combo that lasts over 20 seconds, riddled with random shit.
what movie would you say is worth to watch in this case?
old movies.. like tondol03
got link?
cant find it
prove me that you can do smth better then. Is that also the reason why you voted 1/1/1/2? :)
he's one of the best trickjumpers, he's got nothing to prove
sure, but if you are just flaming others you also should show that you can do better nowadays.
Get active in tj then.
no time for that.
No, I'm not a gelatinous dessert.
gemb new quaky?
no :D I cant really edit to trance music, need some drum and base/dubstep or Breakcore :/
Quite nice.

How do you achieve these colors? What filters are applied?
I'm not sure how Gemb did it obviously, but my guess: Magic bullet plugin for vegas (with presets like Miami, Max Contrast, White diffusion and maybe grad sky), maybe some HSL effect before applying magic bullet ones...
Well, basically I dont really wanna tell all my secrets cause ofc it took me some time to achieve it, but I'll tell you this: I applied White Diffusion 5.0 from Magic Bullet in Vegas, after that I used a selfmade Preset in AAE containing of some color correction plugins, hsl adjust and Levels adjustment.. It's not really hard, but you gotta test a lot ^_^ hope it helped!
nice movie gemb hammerschmidt
Fucking awesome man
Awesome! Been such a long time since I've seen some of these maps. The colour reminds me of the config I used to play with in 2005 :).
not bad but before we start a flamewar ...well done.. ;)

Pmme pl0x ;)
just do it ...
will watch at home :) but ty for shout!
did you watch it? :P
Looks alot like defragarea.

Jumps were average. Was surprised how many i actually knew before (and I havent trickjumped in years)
Cams seemed choppy and there was something wrong with the fps.
Colors a little bit too bright for me.
There were a few nice ideas.

Oh and defrag has absolutely nothing to do with ET.
looks like your movie also got the wrong title then ^_^
Quaky chose the title and I think it was as a reference towards his fragarea series.
yea, but according to you that is not defrag..
It's not defrag but the pun was to have fragarea in it and defrag being similar to trickjump.
cant say to much about it, since my computer lags power to rly watch this movie :D

vlc cant play it, gets pixels over and over, frozen pic and stuff, watched it with wmp classic, with gave me lagging sound, so i had to put the sound off.

but put that aside:

as already said: stunning quality (gotta talk to you, for some advices in that point, before i finally start my new project :DD)

cams kinda weird
some rly old jumps, dont rly think they were placed well in this movie
some nice jumps from different maps

all in all good movie ;) keep up the work ;)
hm I can play it lagless with Media Player classic, must be a codec thing then :/ anyway thanks for opinion, I'm open for questions anytime :)
nice one :) great quality/colors
enjoyed it overall.. tho i didnt like rain effects or the load/save thingy mentioned before.. would not take too long to remake those jumps without some random guy suddenly disapearing from screen.. content was ok, but imo there was too many jumps in random maps.. colors were nice and so was quali.. oh and why it was made with tjmod ? how its different from 'normal' tj configs ?

anywaysi would give something like 8/10 or 7/10.. gj
yea would have been quite good to remake them since some of the demos had a really huge filesize and I think you also know that you cant see the roundtime in tjmod :S
nice gemb i like it :D thx for the movie appreciate (Y)
I'm glad you like it, thanks for comment & rating :)

e: ok watched it and actually its pretty nice 8)
;P thanks for rating, I never expected to get higher than 8 :o <3
Was cool :)

It's just too bad that your not an artist with all those technical skills you got
Indeed, instead he works at Burger King.. Such a waste of talent and potential...
thanks, I try to work on smth more complex now, Im tired of producing this mainstream shit :/
liked it, not a fan of tj movies though. Some nice frags with hitsounds would be awesome with this style.
Nicely done, a bit laggy but still gj :)
First song is very good. Reverse - Distant destiny is definately one of my fav trance tunes! Uploaded a top 50 trance map on cf one or two years ago with that song on #1!

e: pretty funny how many ppl call those slomotion effects stupid. I guess it's a trance-thingy ^.^

Ppl who like Trance:
- Enjoy the beauty of things (pictures, nice colours, detail/quality)
- Are often very happy ppl! (high on life/music)
- Want other ppl to like their music!! :D:D (Finland Swani knows what I mean :P)
- Like slomotion effects with certain parts of trance music (because it gives a dreamy effect)
- Don't just like music.. they love it!

I do understand the slomotions and I think you did a great job :)))
Guess where I got the song from? :> And about the ppl who like Trance part - you are absolutely right, if you look at some Dubstep/DNB videos on youtube you just see retarded comments and people fighting each other, but you never see that on Trance songs..

Oh and about the dreamy effect:


thanks a lot for that comment <3
Really amazing jumps, especially the railgun jump at around 5 minutes

The only real problem was lack of "real" editing, but since it's a trickjump movie I don't mind.
The cams seemed a bit laggy like everyone else already pointed out, but liked it anyhow.
The intro and outro seemed a bit ripped off from Defragarea, but that doesn't really affect my opinion (lowers creativity l0l)

WuT is a beast.
Maps look beautiful but sometimes too dark.
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