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Mettle II

This project contains a highlight of frags from 2006 to 2010. It was intially started back in October 2008.

Edited by DabSter
Content by DabSter

Contains two soundtracks, the second contains less hitsounds.

Special thanks to Kamz, zeKxa, zerender and Homer for the post-production phase and players on Bio public server :D!
yEEEE dab

e: well, 30 fps and photoshop popups would make this fragmovie perfect

good job anyways, nothing more to add
nice movie, but u need moar cams for arty, nades, support
nice colours
nice music
not bad fargs
gl in ur next project
no need for cams : )
great movie well done
Nice movie dabster, except for cg_gun.
Nice, really enjoyed!
would rather not see 3-man-strike kills if they're no special, the rest of the frags were rly nice
omg ch power omg
all in all nicely done, couldnt really enjoy Animus Vox cause I've heard it quite often in movies yet :/

7,5/10, gj!
song name from 8:08?

link of the remix pls!
check outro?
still need the link for this remix :D
best movie i have seen for a while,

will you continue producing fragmovies or is this your last one?

hopefully not
was waiting for it since a while, great work dab :)
great movie 8D !
enjoyed it, only downside i could think of is what are the popup texts in the middle suppsoed to mean?:P didnt see the point of them
Didnt watch yet but great movie 10/10!
give more stream links youtube sucks cant watch it there ..
I hate own3d since they added these ads, makes me sick :D
Na, like I said below, I tried but the framerate in HD is lower than own3d and youtube (Example).
well i like it tbh :D
Supply defence & Dabster always spawnkilling @ CP :)
I wonder why mouK failed :D

great movie dab
great moviemaker.. always leaves an emphasis on frag content, which is how it should be and doesn't frame skip and velocity change so much, like other moviemakers

8/10, will give proper review some time later

1st was better ofc though!
toujours aussi creatif, nice
Since you gave a shoutout to me (didn't expect that you still remember/give a fuck about me :D), I'll try to review this fragmovie as good as possible...but also because this movie is the first one after a long time which is worth reviewing. :p

To be honest, there isn't much to say about that piece, it has a decent flow and good entertainment factor.

The frags were really good. I expected nothing less of you, because even your previous movies, which are way older, showed a lot of kick-ass stuff.
I personally liked the config and the gun model...overall it has good brightness and contrast settings. It's just that those color tweakings you did (if you did something with them at all :D) were a bit too...I don't know. I think "dull" is the word I am looking for. Some more "glamour" would have made this fragmovie much more of an eyecandy.
The soundtrack wasn't really my taste, but it fits your frags and helps to remain the flow of the movie itself.

The editing is a big PLUS for me, because this fragmovie isn't too overedited and uses simple editing techniques...well, maybe this makes it a bit more conventional, but that is what I personally prefer. =)
Also, maybe some people think that 25FPS in a fragmovie is too much of eye cancer, but I think it gives the movie much more of a cinematic feeling.

Good job DabSter, I'm looking forward to more of your work if there is something planned! =)

QuoteAlso, maybe some people think that 25FPS in a fragmovie is too much of eye cancer, but I think it gives the movie much more of a cinematic feeling.

Hahah I thought that I'm the only one person who likes 25-30 FPS movies more than 50 FPS. :D Maybe 50 FPS is smooth but IMHO ruins some kind of atmosphere. Didn't see people whining on real movies when footage is recorded in 24-25 FPS. :>
youre so right man :) i am glad we agree at this point ;) i think more than 30 fps in a movie are just complete least, it depends on the rest of it.
Requiem 50fps was fail?
It didn't had this kind of atmosphere we are talking about here
And i thought it couldnt get better after Mettle1 !
Pretty nice movie! Will remember it for veeeeeeeeeery long time! :)
nice intro
Pretty good... aside from one backrape airstrike. Funny seeing the mouK frags though, we were such a bad team. :D
Thank god we good now, right dave ? :):):) :P
MUSIC is 10/10
i have seen this on vimeo but u deleted it.
^^ I was looking for an alternative to Vimeo doesn't have a good framerate.
I always used to open it just for the music. :p
awesome movie!
Great job!
Switzerland DabSter ? simply 10/10/10/10 ;D
6:28 wallhack! :p
I don't feel like commenting that much specially because you are experienced enough.

All i can say is that the movie had a good flow, cool musics (atleast the edit/sync made me think so :D ), definitely enjoyable and i had this feeling: "i want mmoooooreeeeee", so i am looking forward to Mettle III


ps: next time fix the gun position, everything else is good enough
positive comment from ag0n?!

Dabster best moviemaker ever
:D you hardly see me doing bad comments at other people work, or even if i do it's a constructive comment!

Usually i try to appreciate other people effort ;)
well normally it's like "expected something really good but..." :(
I always expect too much from people, including myself :| life ain't perfect mate :>
You didn't say a word about is that because it wasn't even worth it?! :(
loool cmon :D usually i don't comment movies, otherwise people call me hater and say "go make a movie" (not the your case), but it doesn't mean i didn't like it or anything... will check soon
I released it like year ago or even more, rofl -,-
awesome movie, finally something original for a chance

great work
gg daby !
pretty nice ejoyed gj DabSer
nice actually, like it!
Omg you fragged me there:(
Nice movie.Gj m8.
I'm still waiting for spaki's and gemb's professional feedback. There is nothing more needed except this to be better moviemaker!
Quote 2dope on 14/08/11, 16:07:52 Del | Edit | Reply

all in all nicely done, couldnt really enjoy Animus Vox cause I've heard it quite often in movies yet :/

7,5/10, gj!

looks like gemb was faster than you
That wasn't professional at all :(
only professionalls know what they are talking about
none of both
That was a professional one I guess. Sorry that this image didn't have anything related to what you have just said above.
make new picture then :>
nice movie :)
Well Done!
Solid movie. Would've been better if there was customised popups showing only the relevant info though.

Some of the music could've been improved with the in-game sounds to fill out some of the space and create a better atmosphere. Didn't need to be anything too loud, but the song that starts around 0:58 has a lot of space in it at points, which doesn't seem fitting when there's lots of action.

Good work overall though.
best in years
what a great movie :)
This Movie is simply sensational!

10/10 awsome!
Well done! This one's a keeper, meaning I did not delete it right after watching but I'm going to watch it again.

+ really nice cams, not just gimmicky useless ones as often seen
+ nice quality
+ nice choice of music
+ nice frags
- colours in the beginning a bit weird, rest was nice
- one part had hitsounds but they were really quiet (or music too loud)
- outro kind of lacking

Nevertheless, 9/10. Hope to see more from you!
nice frags, music, good playah. Good times of et looking at the teamnames/players :P

just a bit too dark for me.
cool movie
Nice movie !

Where could i get the audio track ? :D
Thx, but the whole audio track of 9:08? or every single track?
I'd ask for both
as in u actually want them? or u r just sayin? :)
nice movie !
Slightly too dark for me, and not a huge fan of the gun position. Everything else was great. Good job.
really nice job, loved camera work
awesome as always!
Enjoyed watching well done!
finally :>
this is by far the best et movie ive seen in a long time! really well done!
rly liked it watching , like the d&b part mostly <3

And thx for shoutout , u did it great!
bit dark but good overall
good stuff
Very good movie vs good opponents
nice, love the cams :)
Liked the smg and pistol frags a lot. Great job.
Good frags, nice quality but some weird edits. Really do think that sticking to one style through a movie works best rather than different cuts between scenes.

Nice music and good feel, would say decent rather than great. Worth the view though.
Really nice movie !
best movie after psykotic
gratz.nice movie
Congratulations, really nice movie. A great work on the sync and a wise chose of the demos. Musics fitted well (too bad you didn't work deeper on Animus Vox). Amazing editing on the knife kills sequence. It just lacked some passages of "epicness" though the frags were enjoyable, it could have been a top 10 film. 8/10
'My boner just got a boner
good shit
I guess I am the only one that thought this movie wasn't even that good. Could have done with a lot more syncing. Seemed like you didn't put that much effort into it. Didn't see one impressive cam.
I was expecting more comments from Zaigon/Requiem movie fanboys who don't get my work tbh. I wasn't AT ALL trying to do what -Max- or fredd do, nor copy there style (about cameras). That's maybe why you think my work was a waste of time. Anyway with such a condescending comment, I'm not really up to discussing tastes. And about the sync, 90% of the frags are synced and adding more sync would take away what I try to bring to this movie: the in game feeling (read trivia). And I thought I was gonna have a clean sheet (no 1 1 1 1), but hey there's always some dude who feels the vital need i guess...
That doesnt automatically mean that he's a Zaigon fanboy tbh. Everyone has a different taste and I honestly wondered why there werent more comments like the one from FStorMGDI, cause your movie got a specific style.. And about that "clean sheet": This is Crossfire, if you care too much for a movierating rated by mostly 16 year olds, you are on the wrong site :>

and thx for the tip mr. 2 years, 9 months and 6 days, I thought this was a flame-free website, I just registered...... But u dont get my point. I had a clean sheet 3 days ago with +70 votes. I haven't seen that happen a lot, so it was kinda fun. But u know more so please lecture me some more. (no offence, i just love sarcasm :p)
yea, what does this link proove? I absolutely agree with this guy's choices. If you believed that cf users changed their behaviour over the years, then you think wrong. Wait ~1-2 weeks and this movie will have even more 1/1/1/1.
What are you going on about? He does like Zaigon. I know how this community (or people on the internet) behave. If there is one or ten "1/1/1/1" it doesnt change anything. Most importantly I never said he is not allowed to have an opinion, I just pointed out that he was arsh and if u agree about the "Seemed like you didn't put that much effort into it." cause he didnt get the movie at all, then I dont want to discuss tastes with u aswell. Read what I wrote in my comments.
so what, probably 99% of the community like Zaigon.. I neither want to dikscuss tastes, because that wouldnt make sense. I just think you dont like that kind of criticism. There's also no part about "understanding" a movie, either you like the style or you dont like that. I read that "Trivia" you wrote and didnt really understood one point of it, it looks more like an excuse of the mistakes you did.
U are lost, u didnt understand anything. Too bad.
QuoteI just think you dont like that kind of criticism.

yep... yep..
I rest my case.
He voted 1/1/1/1 on Requiem also...

(btw I guess you know I ment no disrespect to your work)
cme on, dont whine about 1 votes when u get like 5/6 mAx and i get like 20/30 :D

late reply i know
nice movie
but not tooo nice :¨PpPPp
gg dab! :)
vraiment nice les frag.
very much enjoyed watching this, respect for the editing! :)
Really great movie, looked sick, nice sync and frags were really nice too!

Finally a good movie!!!! :D
Good movie, nice to see that frag vs sereNity in there. Guess this was from the cadred cup match we played?
Possibly, what was your ingame nick?
Nyu :o)

Not sure if we played you guys in cadred cup, I remember we also played battery and it seemed somewhat official, could be mistaken...
Oh yeah I remember :).
I have no idea what cup it was. But we didn't play that many cups with frog.
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