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dagger ft. dagger

seareal - dagger ft. dagger

Today im proud to present my first longer and a super seareal project, movie titled dagger featuring a polish player named Polanddagger and also my own soundtrack i mixed together featuring American superstar United States of AmericaEminem

The project took me 6 hours to finish and roughly 50hours to render, Sorry to all of you who expected hitsounds, but at the last stage of the project i had only few megabytes left to work with so i had to exclude any kind of editing, except the simple / light effects.

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yea probably because when ppl saw who posted it (like I did) I just navigate away from this page as quickly as possible to avoid brain cancer from this person.
dagger jak mogles to sobie zrobic :S
czo? dobre jest, ja tam nie oczekiwalem zadnych fajerwerkow, a to ma byc generalnie dla mnie i mi sie podoba, glownie temu ze sa tam moje fragi :D

chociaz chujowo zrobil z ninja akcjami bo jednego nie uzyl a na radarze nie pokazal ze tam bylo 4 kolesi a ja to donioslem 5 sekund przed koncem, no ale chuj:D
50 hours to render

voting also 10/10/10/10 on own project, samAel style?

e: 50 hours for rendering a 120 mb movie? :XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
p2 400mhz, U NO HAZ ONE?
no, I'm from Germany..
p1 66mhz then np fo yu m8
reichscomputer, 88mhz for the win!
he want to equal 1111 votes lowbie
Why should he try to equalize votes that are there for a reason?
IMO (just my opinion) NOBODY deserve 1111 cause some1 put a lot of work into movie...
ppl who have such a high ego and vote their own movie perfect (10/10/10/10), deserve a 1/1/1/1 imo.. doesnt really surprise me that you havent learned this by now, as your improving in moviemaking is equal to zero..
funny since in the past you would put 1/1/1/1 for every movie not made by yourself (until people noticed it and started doing only 1's on your movies).
sure, when? any proofs on that? I can say smth like this about u
intro songname :D ?
I was excited. Then i saw "seareal" and I thought I should just escape but decided it wouldn't be much more painful to write a hate comment and (over)rate this shit.
lol compare yourself to me when nobody even cares about u enough to watch ur movie whereas everybody downloads mine :D
Only similarity is the strafing.
actually the movie was for me not for cf, seareal decided to put it here - his decision and it isn't weird why ppl don't even want to watch this movie since im a unknown player for most cf users.

anyway the way he showed my ninja actions is pretty unsatisfactory for me and if i got a proper pc i would make a remake of this just for my own satisfaction :D
wondering who was the admin that accepted this to movies section. would report if I could.
It was me.Decent movie. Why not?

Wont say anything else.
decent aint the word for this. poorly made minimovie hardly worth a journal
Great strafe, great moviemaker.
Yeah was about to say the same, wish I could move like this guy!
The fuck is this shit
The quality is a bit bad, but i like it :)
What kind of homo music is that? :(
poor frags , poor editing , poor content
wtf is that shit?
there is not a single good thing to say about this movie, why bother making and posting something that bad?
skipped after 1min
delta-daGGer skazuje Cie na wieczne potepienie za to gowno
I bet this guy is getting alot of unnecessary hate just because seareal made his minimovie :p
I bet hes happy of the result (the minimovie) :)
0:55 ?

anyways shit, closed after 1 min
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