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Welcome to ET

Welcome to ET

Video Editing: sock
Frags: ET Community

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Shoutcasts Used : iTG'Tosspot & iTG'Trillian

Movie Information:

Dedicated to all those who played ET, half heartedly or not. Even though it
isn't finished, and never will be, I like to think it shows atleast some of
the skill and dedication that went into making ET one of the best games
to play over the past few years. There's a few other projects like this that i know of, hopefully they'll be finished, and do more justice to the scenes than i did =o): i hope atleast, that this will provide a good half memory for those who've enjoyed playing.

Good luck, have fun, and most importantly, never quit ;o).
I bet you are from the netherlands.
You took a look @ his profile :[
Info is fixed and will be fixed by admin team on all movies submitted.
I liked it.
s1 upload please... swertcw down :o
hehe you comment long time ago hello friend
hello friend =d wassup?
too short :(
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