Codec mp4-HQ,MQ&avi-L Filesize 385.00 MiB Length 1200
Video available for download only


After some time from trailer release I decide to complete mnew's and mine movie,
actually I can proudly release my "child"
(Ladies) and Gentlemen its really pleasure to announce you my first project,its called
name: "khamoshi"
starring: mnew & Flash
directed by: Flash
fps: 25
Immediate Music - King Arthur (International Trailer - Farenheit)
Apocalyptica & Lauri Ylönen (the Rasmus vocal) - life burns
Guano Apes - Break the line
Linkin Park & Jay-Z - Numb Encore

I have to say thanks to people like a nazQul,filuS,wizard,desiRable,cpu,teente,butch,Loo,sheem,my neighbour Katie
and special thanks goes to jump3r for everything what he did for czech community - thanks for love <3


HQ: 1280x720,mp4,bitrate:+-4500
MQ: 856x480,mp4,bitrate:+-3900
LQ: 720x400,xvid,bitrate:+-3000

primary mirror:HQ
Mirror 2:MQ
Mirror 3:LQ
dling - hope it's good - btw, 50kbps :/
most ridiculous movie i've ever seen :D seriously wtf with those double kills and one man kill against ferus m8 you are so fucking pro!
He owned you pretty good driving the tank! Real highskill!
Are u stupid? He killed mAus!!!!!
Yes and gave him a fulspawnl \o/
Average at max, sorry.
What can I say? Terrible!
wtf? remove this please.
this isnt a movie its 385mb bullshit rly xD
frags werent movie worthy, and some (a lot actually) effects are not well used and seem really "cheap". Try to improve the cutting of your scenes too imo.
+ Some good fast frags
+ Some sync
+ Some effects

- quality ( even HQ isnt good )
- rly to much 1/2 man kills. you should shorten your movie and cut this out
- FPS (30 > 25)
- some not good used effects.

Allthough the quality and the frags arent rly good i still liked it for 1 time.
Gl with your next movie
can some1 plz upload this video at own3d.at ...Thx ;d
< give me my 12 minutes back >
stream or gtfo
quality sucks, music sucks, frags sucks, nice movie!
Terrible movie.
4 min outro rofl!
movie stopped @ 3:00, have other things to do !
I only liked the last 30 seconds. :D
Killing team belgium cheaters +1
um wtf

what was the name of the good chech moviemaker again
nice movie, last frag is the best :DDD
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