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Back in control

Slarto tried to teach me moviemaking. Unfortunately I've always been a bad student.
Just name one guy in Crossfire who wouldnt take moviemaking-classes from me :>

Omg I saw myself there
I'm interested in how you can call it moviemaking :D, there are not translitions at all, just some random guy put frags at vegas with music, thats all
Slarto is fag
Nice frags
iha kiva movie,. nätit fragit
nice frags Statti + music
LOL @ msn sound at 8' :D
i hv like =)
cant hear the hitsounds.. lower the songs volume or put the hitsounds on higher
nice frags/player, just start gibbing so dont need to do those pistol multikills ;)
Whats gibbing?
nice :)

gib moar :(
10000000000000x better than your shit, fucking germans..
as if you've got any right to even say that :D 1st look at your own movies and then come back commentating.
First do your own and then come back
why should i? it's not like everyone's forced to make their movie. and tbh i could make a better movie than yours, if i could be arsed to ever finish anything.

yet you come up with bullshit and label it "Art Productions" and go around crying how everyone hates you, TAKE YOUR TIME AND CREATE SOMETHING PROPER, people might just be more nice to you then.
you will see :)
Nice frags! but your gamesense is just amazing :DDDD
Something wrong in it? :<
nice gibs, useless
closed after 2 mins...
song name?
third song is awesome :D
can anybody tell me the name of the 3th song?

i mean this song at the end :) fucking nice i want it .P
Maximum the Hormone – Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nurururerorero
Maximum the Hormone...i like!

very nise!!!

espesillii very nise cfg and gun settingsz

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