How to Play ET in 2022
If you are new to Enemy Territory or simply making a comeback, this tutorial is for you.

RtCW.Live League Season 5

Good morning everyone,

We are pleased to announce the RTCW.Live League Season 5.

RTCW Tavern Rush LAN - Results

It's time to lay back a bit and look at what we just witnessed.

RTCW Tavern Rush LAN - Preview

As the LAN is coming closer and closer, we can feel the hype getting higher everyday and we can't wait for it to happen!

This news is mainly for people who will watch it online.
We'll provide to you: where and when to connect to watch the games and all other viable information.

ET: Legacy 3on3 Ladder is here!

Finally the long awaited ET: Legacy 3on3 Ladder announcement is here! Ladder system is now ready and waiting for you to join in! The official ladder's website is, where you can already sign-up, create your team and challenge others to score points and get a position on a ladder. League Season 4: The Road to Ghent

Good morning all!

We are sure that this is the moment that you have all been waiting for.

We are very pleased to announce the RTCW.Live League Season 4: The Road to Ghent

RtCW 20th Anniversary One-day Draft Cup

This Friday November 19th 2021, marks the 20th year anniversary of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. As a celebration, we’re inviting all players to a one-day draft cup on Sunday 21st November… with two nostalgic twists!

RTCW Final Standings - QuakeCon @ Home 2021

Hello everyone,

The QuakeCon @ Home 2021 is now over for several days.
It's time to comeback on the event with some final numbers.

RTCW Tavern Rush LAN announcement

It's official, there is a Return to Castle Wolfenstein LAN coming next year!