Hello ladies and gentlemen, for those who have been participating in our Discord Gather games, you had the chance sometimes to play on the private Anti-Cheat server as well and since we didn't introduce it properly yet or gave out any extensive information about it, I assumed it was time to do that as well and how better to do it then present you the interview with the person who is in charge of this Anti-Cheat, one of the founders of =F|A= Clan, hellreturn / daredevil.

1. Hello hellreturn, for those who still don't know you, would you be so kind to introduce yourself to our ETPro community.

Hi Aniky! I started playing ET back in the days when I was doing my post-graduation in 2005/06. So, ET has been my first FPS love which I still play randomly to date. I am just a human being who plays ET and who always liked to make some friends while gaming. Like many, ET has been my first true online gaming experience and that’s why I keep coming back to it as life permits.

2. Some of us already know you as one of the founders of =F|A= clan, can you tell us more about the clan history and current state of it?

Sure. On one day, me, joedirt and rainier decided to start clan after playing on pub servers. We started the clan with one server, and I hosted our site on free webhosting company. The goal was to provide fair game play and clear open rules which doesn’t differentiate between $$, levels and seniority. We wanted to have common ground where people can come to our servers and enjoy the game without any hassle. Over the period we have regulars and members from age 12 to age 60 or above. By fair game play means – no harboring of cheaters in community, asking members to delete cheats when they get banned. Back in the days when Evenbalance was active and PunkBuster was regularly maintained for public servers, we used to stream our servers to PBBans community. I am still staff at PBBans community. We still have strict policy – cheating = permanent ban from community membership. We make sure all our current members have no prior bans in ET or any games which we run. If anyone cheats – they get removed from community even though they are co leader or leader. Over the 10 years, we run servers for various game like ET, COD4, TF2, Insurgency, DOI and Sandstorm. You can always visit our site at https://fearless-assassins.com/ . Now we use commercial forums because of our needs and host website on dedicated servers to provide better speed and usability for our players.

3. Regulars who are playing on your servers know already that each server is protected with Anti-Cheat program, can you tell us more about it?

It was a time when we used to use PB as our anti cheat in ET. Some years back, EB dropped the support for ET. We still used to run servers with PB enabled but that was still big hassle because of players having issue with PB. GUID auth servers went down and it was a mess. At that point we launched our own anti cheat which right now supports various mods i.e. Jaymod, silent, NQ and ETPRO. silEnT mod ships with its own anti cheat as well. The goal was to provide fair play to honest players and ban cheaters. Our AC detects cheat and if cheat is found we issue ban. Repeated offenders get pro-long ban and some cheats get permanent ban. AC helps us to block proxy IP’s as well. We use AC to sync bans across all mods so that once banned on one server, player gets banned on all server. 2 years back, we have made our bans public - https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/86527-cheaters-busted-so-far-through-our-anti-cheat/
AC helps us big time to manage our servers effectively and provide fair game play to our regulars in absence of PB. Initially when we launched AC – we silently busted cheaters but over the period of time, mostly all our regulars are aware of AC.

4. Is there anything our ETPro players should be worried when downloading the file, or what are they even downloading when they connect to any of your AC protected servers?

It’s good to be worried for something but then someone doesn’t need to be paranoid about everything. If someone is extremely paranoid, they shouldn’t use Internet at all and should use post instead of email to send messages with private deciphers. As far as our server goes, we run wide variety of servers. It all depends on which server you are joining. At the end of the day, we don’t make any profit from your IP or MAC ID which jaymod shows us and which can be spoofed in 30 secs. In fact, Facebook/Google would be making more money from showing adds to you based on your personal information. None of our files are infected with trojans or virus, that much I can guarantee you. If our servers get compromised, then I would be the first one shutting down our servers, so no players get effected and we would be posting the same message on our website. Over the span of 10 years, hundreds of players have played on our server and so far, not even one player had any issues. We are players foremost and will always remain players first.

5. Doesn't your Anti-Cheat need some kind of license to be used or is it breaking any of the UE regulations?

Our AC doesn’t violate any of the licenses as we don’t modify any of the mods code base or files. There is reason why NQ/silEnT /ETPro, etc are not open source. All of them were based upon ET SDK and not source code which was released under GPL. For UE regulations, I am not lawyer and that’s a new question to me as well. But my common sense says, Jaymod, ETPRO, silEnT mod, ETPUB, etc. are not blocked in UE. So, I guess we should fall in same category? Assuming BF series, COD4, Insurgency, Sandstorm, DOI, etc. games are allowed to play on regular basis, I think we should be fine. Even plain vanilla ETMain server would give out your IP, GUID, etc. etc. In that case whole ET would be in trouble. I am open to suggestions from any lawyers holding valid license.

6. Do you see your Anti-Cheat as something that would cover all ETPro servers in near future or how exactly do you see future between our ETPro community and your Anti-Cheat?

Our Anti cheat is private anti-cheat and we have no future goals to release it publicly. It’s custom coded for our own needs. Neither we are PB replacement nor we want to be TZAC replacement. If any clan would like to use it, I could host the server for them depending on how much I know the server admin. Last time I tried to share AC with one ET admin, that admin kept asking me to unban players when player were clearly using cheats. It became real headache for us. We do this in our free time and free time is much limited for most of us. After taking care of our family, we would like to play some games with our e-friends. Gaming is our hobby and we would like to keep it that way. When we release publicly something, we involve our self in indirect commitment to help all those admins and players with continuous updates. So far, we don’t want to involve in any of those responsibilities. Just because something is free doesn’t mean we get to tell admins, players, etc. that we will be of no help to you. That’s a least thing we would like to do. For now, we would be able to provide servers to ETPro community with decent anti cheat so players can have fair play. Since last few years, we have couple of public ETPRO servers, scrim server and ETTV enabled servers.

7. What about all those server admins who are hosting their own private ETPro servers and would wish to use your Anti-Cheat?

We would need to work on massive documentation to support the installation process on server side as it’s not straight forward. All we can say is sorry for now. It would be massive work for us to set up all those servers. We really don’t want to start something which we can’t finish or support. For now, we can provide servers in Germany, NJ, USA and NL location. If more locations are required, we can add the server for those locations based on demand and community support.

8. Are there any common issues when joining or using your Anti-Cheat that our players should get?

We are not aware of any issues so far. If any issue comes up, we would follow up with the player and try to resolve the issue for the player. But nothing happens overnight. Even my paid software’s don’t fix the bugs next week. Depending on the severity of the defect, we would be able to release new updates. Also, we don’t have ETPro source code, so our options are also limited sometimes. We try to work within what we have and get the best possible outcome for our players. At the end of the day, we are here to help but sometimes our hands are tied as well.

9. Knowing all the basics now, if anyone wishes to know more in depth about your AC or have any problems with it, where can they reach you and what information would you require from them?

Anyone can reach me on Discord. My ID is - hellreturn#8999 Just want to mention that sometimes, I would be online through phone and as I am horrible texter, I might not be able to reply instantly. Also, during my office hours, I would be of less to no help, but I will get back to you as soon as I can. All I am requesting is please be patient. If it’s valid crash or anything, I would be requesting for more details so we can re-produce the issue. If we can’t re-produce the issue, it get’s very difficult, to fix it.

10. Is there anything at the end you would like to say to our ETPro community or anything at general?

Life is too short, enjoy the life and live to it’s finest. My special thanks to all ETPro players and server admins for keeping ET alive! Other then that ET for the life! Spread the word – ET is not dead yet, not yet and bring back your old buddies.

Hopefully this interview wasn't too long to read, as I tried to include all the information that players would want to hear about this AC.

For any further questions you can reach him by asking him a question here or head over to discord:

Our ETPro community - Can be found under the nick hellreturn
=F|A= Community - Can be found under the nick =F|A=Daredevil

I hope everyone enjoyed the read and if there are any suggestions who you would like to be interviewed next, feel free to say in comments below!