With three weeks having now passed since the release of Enemy Territory: Quakewars, new teams have formed, older teams have died and thousands of euros are being invested into tournaments. One can only wonder where quakewars is going, with the amount of players and interest increasing day by day. However, for much longer than 3 weeks now have teams been forming, with many competitions and thousands of dollars being put into the game even before it's release. Teams have been praccing since a closed beta released what feels like years ago now, and we're already beginning to see a hierarchy of clans forming within such little time. With multigaming clans such as Sweden Eyeballers, Germany Speedlink & United Kingdom dignitas picking up teams in the early stages, we can only hope that clans such Netherlands fnatic, United Kingdom 4kings & Sweden SK will go the same way.

So who is hitting the top of this 'hierarchy' you may be wondering? Well, based on beta performances and individual player experience, I have chosen 8 teams who i feel will be dominating the ETQW scene, atleast for the early days. These are (in no particular order!):

Europe Dignitas
Sweden Eyeballers
Germany Speedlink
Greece grof
United Kingdom point blank
Sweden Kompaniet
Finland pelit
Spain wArning!

Some of these teams have yet to prove themselves, but most are widely known as the stronger teams playing the game at the moment (excluding the american scene). Over the next pages details are available for each team, including lineups, background, achievements and more.