As a part of ET Cast we are bringing you a Top 10 teams of the month, based on performance, for February 2011.

A lot of the teams you would normally see in the top ten did not feature this month as some have had a slow start to the year. Teams like Dignitas and The Last Resort are yet to play a game this year, but will likely feature in upcoming Top 10 releases.

The following teams are being considered for the top 10 positions.

Europe baserace
Czech Republic inteRaction
Portugal k1ck
Finland KRP
Germany lost soldiers
Europe MVP
Denmark NORDIC-eSport
Netherlands overload
Finland Red as a Beeroot
Germany Team Speedlink
Germany teamoxid
Finland turbot
Belgium WcK

All research for the ET Cast Top 10 was done by United Kingdom Artstar, this includes lineups and results. Also input into the Overall Standings.