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Game On #2.
United Kingdom Renegade

So last time we had United Kingdom Adacore, who told us alot about his CB career. Now it's time for rG to tell us everything. I'm sure you know this guy from the uQ star team that won last years Summer Cup. And offcourse as manager of team UK. But let's see what rG has to say.

- Good evening rG.

lo xRio

- You told me you've read my interview with Adacore. Where you expecting me today?

LOL always expect the unexpected!!

- Hehe. So let's start with the famous introduction. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Gavin Baillie in game nickname is Renegade or rG for short, i am the co-owner of Reason-Gaming and my official title for Reason is Managing Director but i prefer to be known as the Team Manager.

- Knowing that Reason Gaming is a Counter Strike clan. Do you miss ET?

Actually Reason is not just a CounterStrike Team, we actually play 5 different games including Counter Strike Source which are Call of Duty 2, Day of Defeat Source, Quake 4 Duel and TDM & Halo2 on the xbox console, and yes i do miss RTCW &ET alot, no other game like it a very unique game type which attracted me to the games RTCW and ET.

- So could you please share your best ET experiences with us.

WOW this is a hard one. I really have 2 awesome experiences 1 as a player and 1 as a manager.

As a player: playing with wDw with Sqzz, Stun, Adacore, Slippy and Vapour aka Tupac. An awesome squad that really had potential but failed to deliver down to over playing.

And as manager: Managing the UK team to 3rd place in Nationscup. Had the pleasure of managing a fine squad best experience was me shouting @ them on comms during the poland game after hearing tosspot on ITG giving the 6 players playing for UK a tough time which they deserved because they were playing poorly, but after me giving them a "dressing down" on ventrilo they turned everything around beating the 6:30 time set by poland by over 1 minute.

- So let's talk about your other managing period. The one at uQ. How did you experienced that?

It had its good and bad points, as does life. Venom and myself started the team in co operation with ultimatequest, we had a difference of opinons and goals and i felt that the team and myself were being held back by certain things within the organisation, i left and have never really looked back, they have moved on as have I.

- After you leaving uQ with the team, everything changed really fast. The team left you for 141. What happened in Reason Gaming?

Well after i had left and started Reason the ET squad were approached by venom giving them mis information regarding various things that had happened or didnt happen in uQ, with them not knowing who to trust and who to believe they decided that it was best to play for someone else and that clan was 141 which i totally understood and wished them well.

- Well that was enough for the past. Who do you think is going to win the Eurocup this season?

There is stilll a few names i recognise in this seasons Eurocup (Clan wise) the likes of underscore, helix, Rewind, 141 and of course, possibly the winner will be out of those 5 teams.

- About the Nationscup. Were you surprised by the fact that The Netherlands won the NC?

In some ways yes and some ways no, personally thought that Estonia would win it again, but i always knew that ducth team had bags of potential it just depended if they could get the right blend of players and teamwork together at the same time.

- My own favorite question. What if: Tomorrow someone offers you to make all your dreams come true, but in return for that, all your memories will be lost and you won't see or speak to any of your gaming friends anymore. Would you accept the offer?

No i wouldnt, because i can make all my dreams come true myself.

- That's a very selfconfident answer. Are you always that selfconfident?

Yes I am it borders on the cocky side, but i know what i can do and what i can achieve, if you have no confidence in yourself how is the team that you are leading/managing going to have confidence in you? there not which is why I will always be confident in myself and my Team.

- Who would you like to thank the most in the ET Community?

On the media side of things would be Radio ITG and the casters that have been involved in casting the game especially Tosspot, and to the players and teams that have helped to make this community an awesome community from the top teams to the fun teams that have graced this beautiful game, considering its a free game i really think this community is a credit to the gaming community as a whole.

- So last question. Would you consider coming back to ET? In whatever kind of form. Management or Player?

As a player im starting to become more active with things starting to become more stable @ Reason which means i can get back into playing whether for fun or on a competative level , which one of the previous 2 im unsure of at the moment. But you will see Reason in upcoming games such as ET:QW and possibly RTCW2 so watch this space as they say ............

- Well thanks for your time rG, and Game On.

Well that was rG. Hope you enjoyed it. Next time i'll try to find the ET matador. See you then.

Interview made by xRio .