I caught up with FlyingDJ and we talked a bit about ET and especially about the "ET at televison" event today.

Germany swine: Hi FlyingDJ, please introduce yourself first.

Germany FlyingDJ: Hi, I'm Uli, commonly known as FlyingDJ,
I am a 21 years old student from Dresden, Germany. Most people probably know me because of the shoutcasts I do for Radio iTG.

Which games do you cast for iTG ?? And what do you think you can reach with iTG's support?

I am currently casting Enemy Territory, Counter-Strike (Source) and Call of Duty 2. I am about to start casting StarCraft.
iTG provides me with the unique opportunity to work with a team of top notch casters which will hopefully have a positive influence on my casting.
Other than that, iTG have a lot of contacts in the esports community, which is always a very nice thing and brings you closer to the big names.

This saturday we can see you live at Giga TV casting the match vicious and evil vs Team-helix. What do you think about this event?

The event makes it possible to show the spirit of ET to a large audience.
The match itself is an exciting pairing of two teams with players full of ET history, so it is the perfect basis for what is going to be a stage to show ET and all the gameplay elements it contains that make it such an outstanding game.

About ET's spirit and his community. We saw the Nationscup Final with more then 2000 ETTV slots, we will see a new Federal Cup by the ESL then we see the ET Match on Giga, and Razer as the new vae Sponsor. Now only the Qcon is missing. Do you think ET can get another tournament at this event?

I think Quakecon has no choice but to take ET as its tournament. RTCW would be a total joke, and ET is still very alive and kicking, so it would be the perfect tournament, especially with regard to promoting Quake Wars.

So you are looking forward for Qcon.ET 2006 and maybe casted by yourself? ;)

I won't deny that I am hoping for that to happen ;-)

But back to Giga and ET. Are you practising for the Cast and how?

Well, I am revisiting ET's past to have all the facts ready...previous EC results etc...however, I think I am well-prepared as it is, since I love the game and know practically everything about it.

And who is your favorite in that game?

I have to admit that I'm a bit of a vae fanboy because they're all not just great players but extremely friendly and nice guys, too. So I'm quite sure they'll win.

And who are your favourite Teams for the Eurocup XIII?

idle are without a doubt my guess for the number 1. When it comes to the second spot, I'd pick underscore. And for the third spot my guess is Polewka, they will surprise everyone, I am sure.

Well i think that's it for now. Thanks for your time, any greetings?

No greetings today, only to you, thanks for interviewing me!

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