i33 is upon us with many top teams from around the world attending in not only Counter-Strike but also Call of Duty 4. With one of the largest prize funds to date for the game there is a top place 6000 Euros up for grabs so the pressure will be on.

QuadV will be running a dedicated stream for Call of Duty 4 throughout the event on TV2 with Deman, TosspoT, Joe and Jay.

So to bring you all up-to-date here are a few of our predictions.

Teams Attending

United Kingdom Dignitas
United Kingdom The Last Resort
United Kingdom 4Kings
United Kingdom Exabyte
United Kingdom Packard Bell
United Kingdom Team VVV
United Kingdom Invicta
Europe Team Coolermaster
Sweden Fnatic
Belgium TeK-9
Denmark Roskilde Ravens
Canada Evil Genius

United Kingdom Dignitas

Deman's Thoughts: The current i-Series Champions will have a lot to prove on this lan after a dissapointing run of results both online and from CDC4. Can the new line-up and change of in-game captain Netherlands Bas "Sko" Dirks help them to retain former glories? Maybe so. The i-Series has become Dignitas home turf since i19 some 4 years ago. However they have surely never faced so much stiff competition in the Call of Duty Series.

Joe's Thoughts: Dignitas are always in with a chance! They definitely underperformed at CDC4 and I think some of that was down to lukzaRs lack of “activity” in the run up to the event. The addition of SKO will probably help the teams spirit as they hope to do well in their first event together. I think Mick will also have to pick up his game if they want to hit the big time!

TosspoT's Thoughts: Dignitas are a long way off the top right now, a roster change after CDC will have undone all their hard work. However SKO is one hell of a pickup, infact I couldnt have thought of anyone better for Dignitas, on form they should suffer, on SKO they could surprise.

Jay's Thoughts: Being the defending iSeries champions may suffer from the added pressure of trying to retain their title. With recent roster changes and a period of relative poor play (at least by Dignitas standards) they certainly have an up-hill struggle. That said however Dignitas have been counted out before and have come back strong so I would be rather surprised if they don't place top 3.

i33 Lineup:
United Kingdom Blackmane
United Kingdom Mick
United Kingdom Raz
Norway Plazma
Netherlands Sko

Deman's Prediction: Top 3
Joe’s Prediction : Top 5
TosspoT's Prediction: Top 4
Jay's Prediction: 2nd Place

Sweden fnatic

Deman's Thoughts: With glory at CDC4 fnatic have raised their game once again and proved themselves on LAN. They will be the team to beat despite a recent defeat online in the Live2Win knockout stages to Europe Redemption.

Joe's Thoughts: Fnatic have undergone a fairly major change after zEm returned home from Thailand with his new wife ;) . They were extremely sturdy at CDC4 and performed very nicely to take the win (even if the final showed a few of their weaknesses!) I think anyone would be very silly to count fnatic out of the running at i33, even with the lineup change

TosspoT's Thoughts: If Fnatic arent in the final I will call immigration and tell them they are terrorists. They just have to be there, zEm is a world class addition they simply will be in the final.

Jay's Thoughts: Coming off the back of CDC4 Mintr and the boys over at Fnatic are flying high. More renowned for their LAN prowess than their recent on-line results can the boys from Sweden pull off back to back competitive LAN tournament victories, I am saying yes.

i33 Lineup:
Sweden Mintr
Sweden Tidde
Sweden zEm
Sweden Odyx
Sweden Zsilts
Sweden Klanne

Deman's Prediction: Top 3
Joe's Prediction: Top 3
TosspoT's Prediction: Top 2
Jay's Prediction: 1st Place

Canada Evil Genius

Deman's Thoughts: Winging their way in from Canada Evil Genius will want to make an impression on the European CoD4 scene. Recently defeated in the finals at the NERV Lan in North America they will be looking to prove themselves worthy of their sponsors here in the UK. No team comes this far without some heavy preperation though and despite the difference in rules and potential Jetlag I believe EG will bring their A Game. The team itself was recently picked up from The Doctors of RTCW fame.

Joe's Thoughts: EG in my opinion could walk into i33 and take the event! They have a proven lineup of winners that have shown they can perform with the best in North America. I’m always intrigued to see how the NA and European scene differs in terms of play style and that will be the deciding factor in EGs success. From what ive seen from US teams in the past, they play much slower and more tactical. Im unsure how they will handle some of the more aggressive teams!

TosspoT's Thoughts: EG aka Doctors RTCW, a mouthwatering line up that has dominated RTCW, CoD1 and made an impact in CS really it has to be admired. They are gaming veterans who are ready to show these young pups what they can do, I say top 4 but I wouldnt be surprised if they're in the final at the expense of TLR.

Jay's Thoughts: EG have been one of North America's most respected eSports organizations for quite sometime now and with good measure. More renowned for their 1.6 and Quake they will be looking to make a large impact and represent the North American scene which in it's own right is just as competitive if not more so that the EU scene.

i33 Lineup:
United States of America wombat
United States of America maven
Canada ntt
Canada wiseguy
United States of America robwiz

Deman's Prediction: Top 3
Joe's Prediction: Top 5
TosspoT's Prediction: Top 4
Jay's Prediction: 4th Place

United Kingdom The Last Resort

Deman's Thoughts: With what can only be described as a great success at CDC4 the team that shocked the LAN by reaching the finals have given themselves pressure entering i33. Previous finalists at i32 (admitedly the weekend of release) they also have a history of reaching the finals and will be looking to do just that. However I think the task might be too great this time.

Joe's Thoughts: TLR were the surprise package at CDC4 without a doubt. They were quite vocal about the reasons they’ve done relatively little online – their pcs suck! I’m told that they will be playing in the BYOC area and will therefore have the machines that have been bringing them down away from LAN. The experience they got at CDC4 will push them a long way at i33, just how far depends on how they handle those pc problems.

TosspoT's Thoughts: TLR should be in this final, they are talented and they are fast something that right now not many people have an answer for. They are used to the iseries enviroment and really should be expecting to do well, however if anyone isnt going to do well it will be these guys - their secret is out now people maybe people have adapted.

Jay's Thoughts: They most certainly turned heads at CDC4, and I am expecting fireworks come i33 from one of the UK's most underrated eSports organisations. Any team that can call on the formidable skills of SoCloN has a more than a good chance. However this will be the grandest stage to date for the Call of Duty franchise, how will they cope under the pressure of such a prestigious tournament?

i33 Lineup:
United Kingdom D1ablo
United Kingdom LoOkzor
United Kingdom SoCLoN
United Kingdom mark
United Kingdom stat

Deman's Prediction: Top 6
Joe's Prediction: Top 3
TosspoT's Prediction: Top 2
Jay's Prediction: 3rd Place

Belgium TeK-9

Deman's Thoughts: This should have been the one for TeK-9, they are ready to begin their success in CoD4 but they have taken a knock in the run up to i33 in the form of Strelok breaking his arm. Stepping in to replace him will be United Kingdom TW!ST for i33 and this is the key issue. While the players may well be close or even matched in skill the team will have not had much time to adjust to the change and practise in big game conditions.

Joe's Thoughts: TeK-9 are another old favourite that hasn’t really hit their targets recently. The last minute addition of TW!ST probably wont help their chances in Newbury but you can never count them out of taking down a good few of the top teams along the way.

TosspoT Thoughts: If I were on that TeK-9 team I'd just hide behind KammYz or take bullets for him, however I'm not...Their last minute roster change means teamwork is outta the window and if they win it will be because kammYz goes crazy even more crazy then he did at CDC if thats possible.

Jay's Thoughts: The Belgian outfit has been on the cusp of greatness in multiple games will CoD be the one that finally pushes the over the top?. In this writers opinion, no. My reasoning behind this, last minute roster changes and relative lack of big LAN experience. As good as OZ is the recent addition of Twist makes this Tek9 line-up seem somewhat of LAN mix, which at this level of play just will not secure them a top placing. That's not to say Twist isn't a great player but as we have seen in other competitive titles chopping and changing your team usually leads to instability and confusion in game.

i33 Lineup:
Belgium Davy
Turkey haya
Finland kammYz
United Kingdom TW!ST

Deman's Prediction: Top 6
Joe's Prediction: Top 6
TosspoT's Prediction: Top 6
Jay's Prediction: 6th Place

Denmark Roskilde Ravens

Deman's Thoughts: Roskilde are looking in good shape coming into i33 with a good run at CDC4 topping the group stage they left feeling somewhat dissapointed at their departure to the hands of SK-Gaming. Which is a credit in itself to the confidence and belief they have in themselves. Having bootcamped with fnatic before CDC4 I wouldn't be surprised to find them practising hard for i33 as well. They have a good close knit team and have the potential to win the event should things click on the day.

Joe's Thoughts: Roskilde for me are going to be the “TLR of i33”. They looked fantastic at CDC4 and with a little extra tweaking they could really push their results up.
Champ was one of the strongest snipers at CDC4 and had some formidable games! They topped a difficult group at CDC too which makes me think they definitely have a good chance of hitting top 3!

TosspoT's Thoughts: I felt Roskilde were unlucky to go out at the stage they did at CDC, they dominated their groups and until some SK magic they dominated SK. Champ was a real hero for them and I do expect them to perform well in Newbury.

Jay's Thoughts: After a recent defeat to SK, Roskilde must be chomping at the bit to prove their competitive CoD worth. A steady line-up means they have been preparing for the LAN season since before CDC4, will the hard work pay dividends?, quite possibly.

i33 Lineup:
Denmark frijec
Denmark woomzy
Denmark LM
Denmark Champ
Denmark Hmz
Denmark R3CoR

Deman's Predicition: Top 6
Joe’s Prediction: Top 3
TosspoT's Prediction: Top 6
Jay's Prediction: 7th place

United Kingdom Four Kings

Deman's Thoughts: Under such an illustrious gaming tag Four Kings CoD4 team have a lot to prove. After some jibes at CDC4 with there lack of attendance this team will want to prove all the doubters wrong on LAN. With some very close results online recently vs Dignitas in the EMS and fnatic in Live2Win they certainly have the ability to win.

Joe's Thoughts: Four Kings will probably be focusing more on beating the other UK teams than hitting the top spots for i33. The Packard Bell iPower winner will be the highest placed UK team and I think this is an achievement that the 4K team can win and look to improve on. They have an experienced lineup and an old fans favorite in the shape of Geordie!
The real question would be, can they tackle TLR?

TosspoT's Thoughts: No doubt about it they've some excellent players in this team, I think Geordie & ben offer this team the experience they are lacking and if they can anchor the team around those stable heads then they can go on and do well. However, this is 4kings and their CoD squad have gone the way of their old CS squad and failed to perform so you cant rule anything out, they could either over perform or they could crash and burn.

Jay's Thoughts: What can I say about 4K that hasn't already been said. They have been the UK's most recognised eSports organisation for the last 5 years (at least internationally) and have great support from their management and sponsors. Not attending CDC4 isn't as much of an indicator of inactivity as some might have you believe, they are all over the on-line scene and had a second place LAN finish vs. arguably one of the best LAN teams in Europe Dignitas. All this taken into account leads me to believe they will place higher than a few of colleagues would have you believe but I still dont see them placing top 3.

i33 Lineup:
United Kingdom benz1ne
United Kingdom corp
United Kingdom geordie
United Kingdom Wiz
United Kingdom Vasquez

Deman's Prediction: Top 10
Joe’s Prediction: Top 8
TosspoT's Prediction: Top 6
Jay's Prediction: 5th Place

Europe Team Coolermaster

Deman's Thoughts: TCM Europe shouldnt be underestimated, their lineup has some exprienced talent but lacks experienced winners. This up and coming roster will be using i33 as a springboard to a busy summer schedule

Joe's Thoughts: TCM are another team that could possibly ruffle a few feathers. I think top 8/10 would be a realistic aim for TCM at i33 and they can certainly use the event to gain some valuable experience during i33. I wouldn’t be surprised with a few upsets by them!

TosspoT's Thoughts: With very few exceptions I dont like such multinational teams, TeK-9 are maybe the exception that prove the rule but multinational and most importantly multilingual lineups dont work well and personally I dont think this will be any different. I do not expect big things from this lineup, though I would love Gifty to prove me wrong!

Jay's Thoughts: With a rag tag band of EU players Coolermaster have slowly but surely started to carve themselves a reputation in Call of Duty 4. Coolermaster will be looking to make waves at Multiplays premier event however I don't see the depth of talent that the top tier teams have.

i33 Lineup:
Austria mkz
Switzerland gifty
Austria aistrEEEy
Belgium rockenz
Finland soppaj

Deman's Prediction: Top 10
Joe's Prediction: Top 8
TosspoT's Prediction: Top 10
Jay's Prediction: 7th -9th Place

United Kingdom Packard Bell

Deman's Thoughts: Recent winners at Centralan UK 19 coming from the losers bracket they have a hard task coming into i33. On their day they may have a chance but with the teams attending it would have to be a very special day.

Joe's Thoughts: The Packard Bell team are total outsiders in my opinion. They have a couple of experienced players that could give a few teams a scare, but I don’t think we will see too many giant killings from PBs latest push into the gaming world.

TosspoT's Thoughts: I'd like them to do well and they're well prepared after CLUK Lan but are they really going to do well? I dont think so, maybe they can pull a Barnsley and surprise some people, but as a Chelsea fan I doubt that will happen again :P

Jay's Thoughts: Assembled somewhat haphazardly the PB team are defiantly one of the darker horses in the tournament. I have only seen Payne and YoMma in S.T.A.L.K.E.R but if they do have one thing to their advantage it is that they have been counted out so many times before that the pressure should not be an issue, couple that with the experience gained from attending the iPower and Multiplay events in the past and they could potentially pull out an upset or two. I still have to say the nature of CoD is different from just about anything the PB line-up has focused their attention on and facing the best the EU has to offer will probably be a bridge too far.

i33 Lineup:
United Kingdom Junior
United Kingdom Payne
United Kingdom YoMmA
United Kingdom WaKko
Netherlands Mavy

Deman's Prediction: Top 12
Joe's Prediction: Top 10
TosspoT's Prediction: Top 12
Jay's Prediction: 10th - 12th Place

United Kingdom Team VVV

Deman's Thoughts: VVV Also attended Centralan UK and folded in the finals to Packard Bell. After losing the first map it looked as though they had themselves back in the game on Backlot. But suddenly Packard Bell pulled off a stunning defensive round and defeated VVV in overtime. As like PB they could do well on their day but I think the quality of teams in attendance may over whelm them.

Jay's Thoughts: VVV are an up and coming team in the UK scene. More known for their console expertise as an organisation the CoD boys will be looking to erase the memory of CentralLAN a tournament in which they lost in the finals to the Packard Bell team. I still cant see them placing any higher than 12th but stranger things have happened.

i33 Lineup:
United Kingdom Lowr3y
United Kingdom Lance
United Kingdom Splatski
United Kingdom Messiah
United Kingdom Sam

Deman's Prediction: Top 12
TosspoT's Prediction: Top 12
Jay's Prediction: 11th - 12th Place

United Kingdom Invicta

Maybe I am a little biased here having been carried by these guys in scrims before, however I do believe they will have the potential to grab a shock result at i33. This will be their first LAN as a team however so may well struggle nearer the finals.

i33 Lineup:
United Kingdom SWARMY
United Kingdom robzj
United Kingdom bmxzjeh
United Kingdom Jehannum
United Kingdom Asurah

Deman's Prediction: Top 12