Enemy Territory is on just another one of its seasonal peaks, now that the Fall season comes to the hot phase and Crossfire Intel Challenge was just announced with atleast 5000€ of prizemoney to be won by Enemy Territory teams. Impressive numbers one might think for a free, buggy released game that is already over 6 years old. But the question we should ask is, where could or morely should we have been by now?

Prizepurses alike 5000€ should really be more than enough to atleast attract a small number of MGC's to pick up stable ET squads, reliable enough to tag up with their name. National lans in Portugal, France, Germany, Poland and maybe some other countries, one or two Crossfire challenges a year and a few online tournaments including smaller funds. Thats all happening ladies and gentlemen and again the question comes to my mind, what should we have made out of this?

A wise man once said the following:
Quote by galahad - March 2007Here is where I ask you to name top ET teams that have been together for more than two months. If this trend continues and the organisations that actually invest money in ET get tired of throwing their money away the situation will never get any better. No decent organisation will ever be interested in sending a team to a LAN event only to see them disband or change four players in their line-up just 5 days later.

It is quite disappointing to see that these words might become reality now; two years later. Shouldnt we have learned by now?

Quote by galahad - March 2007If Enemy Territory can manage to keep on rising as a competitive game and can make sure that events like SHG Open or ESL IPS were not a one time thing...

I must admit we did succeed in this. It was not another IPS but already the third ESL Major Series featuring Enemy Territory and thus seen as a top 15 game of the ESL EU section. But just this, what we built up with alot of effort and work, is at risk right now. The elite of europe's Enemy Territory scene have the one time chance to prove that we did learn and do deserve the money invested in our game. But if from these elected 16 teams six consider to just drop out of the running Major Series competition, it inevitably shows what our competetive community really lacks of. We dont need new maps, new rules, new anticheats or whatever. It still is the same old problem.

Stick together and create a base level of professionalism so we can make proper use of the chance the new 5on5 movement gives our beloved game! It is not too late to get back on track. Else I forecast an unfortunate future!