“Woooh” – that’s basically the only sound that his enemies hear just before they’re dead. It’s the sound of a panzerfaust rocket passing them just inches away and after fractions of a second splashing on the ground nearby. “Panzanoob” is probably the most commonly used description of Catalonia Sergi Torras, widely known as Winghaven.

A damn clanhopper, some might say, and they have reasons for that. On the other hand, however, his experience gives him enormous advantage over his enemies. There’s none other who can combine his panzer-skills with the will of supporting his team like Wing does. Bear in mind, though, that when he switches the class and takes SMG, he may be as deadly as when launching the rockets. That’s why he’s placed among the best players on the scene. Recently we’ve been watching him in aMenti. I decided to talk with him a little, to find out whether he’s a machine or a real man!

How did your adventure with gaming began?

My gaming adventure started 5 years ago, when I began visiting an internet cafe. There my friends were playing Unreal Tournament and each Sunday we played something like 8v8 on LAN. After that, a brother's friend gave me Soldier of Fortune, and that's when I started to play games more "seriously". We won a couple of competitions and have set up the best Spanish clan for about 3 years. One day, however, in a friend's house I saw Enemy Territory, and I remember it clearly: my friend was on Fueldump, sniping like a noob, not hitting anyone but I loved that game nonetheless. When I came home I downloaded it and here we are, 3 years later :p

image: wing2

Maybe tell us, then, what happened in these 3 years?

Well, I started playing in the most famous Spanish public server (oLLa), where I was camping with MG inside a train on Railgun. After 2 months doing that, I joined my first clan (eMk), Spanish one, but 2 months later (uber clanhop) I joined iLoGik, with dr3am, arcadia, p1ka, un4, vNt... because they were like me, noob- players, same age, who just want to kind of develop, improve their skills. We have been playing for a year together and then wArning! turned out to have some lineup problems and we decided to merge with them. Lineup was: Neos, morbit, dude, Wing, dr3am, arcadia, shak, fanter, radifz... and it’s the moment when I started to improve a lot and became "famous". We won the qualifier vs Kreaturen, that was an achievement. Then Neos moved to a different house and he lost connection. After some lineup problems, we recruited Ligthning and anubis and we have been playing for a year together, but I left, due to some private problems, to gods.inc, where I got the 3rd place in Eurocup. Afterwards chmpp and mulsu started playing WoW and clan folded. That's when my worst "season" took off, I’ve been joining 2 week-clans (queens, kojak, und),
but after that I decided to join a Spanish clan parabellum, with skilled players like fanter, radifz (both wArning!origins), gengis and ramm. Well, then TEAM-ND needed players to play LAN and I took the offer. We joined multigaming clan dMiZE and we reached 4th place at Rotterdam CPC and when it was finished we joined aMenti.

As you've mentioned, you became most famous in warning. How do u recall these times?

Well, first of all, we had some plans to remake wArning!, in Nations cup though, with lineup like Neos, radifz, Winghaven, dr3am, fainter. What wea ctually did was Azure Team, with radifz, pzyqo, dude, a1rs, marte, jefazo and me. The team had fallen into pieces and scattered all over the scene, Fanter and Radifz are playing in parabellum, dr3am in uQ, Neos and the others are kind of out of gaming at the moment. They will come for sure when RTCW2 gets released :p I think the best time I had in ET was in wArning!, with all Spanish lineup, it's when I did the best things as a player.

You're one of the mostly known players on the scene, mainly due to your pf skills... when and how did you gain them?

I guess because I used panzer all the time when I was playing my first wars, also because of my aim, which is not really good :p For me the most important thing of panzerfaust is the knowledge of moving and the timing. It's useless to make 4 panzerfaust kill if enemies will spawn in 5 seconds. For that reason, one of the first things I did in ET was learning how to trickjump.

That’s surprising, because when you play pf, you always turn up at places with 3 or more enemies and your panzakills are effective; when others try that, it doesn’t work. How do you find a perfect place?

Well, I think that mainly thanks to the fact that I'm playing at a high level, because I know how the enemy will react and I can do the opposite thing to the enemy thoughts. And, of course, because I'm a lamer, or at least that’s what people say :p

How did you turn up to be at amenti?

Well, at dMiZE we had a really nice performance, but unfortunately jakazc left to idle and emo went inactive, so we established a new team, with 3 old dMiZE players (Wing, david, acozz) and 3 new (crozz xylos and senti), and Mztik as backup. Right now we're getting some nice results at ESL and we're kind of happy of the 5o5 PGA qualifiers, because we made tactics before our next matches. Also, we played really well vs zP!

You're considered being a clanhopper, but due to that, you have enormous experience. How do you think, what it really takes to build a good, stable team?

Well, of course, stability is really significant, but the most important thing is to feel REALLY well with your teammates, without whine and any problems, and finding the perfect place among them. Just like my team found a perfect place for me, for these switches between field ops and panzer, doing Rambo and this recognizable stuff I always do.

image: wing3

That’s what Tosspot wrote in his article; mentioning that, did your teammates need much time to kind of 'accept' your pf?

Well, sometimes I'm taking panzer too much, but normally yes, they totally accept my panzerfaust, mainly because in any moment a 3/4 pf kill can decide on the game.

What do you think about zeroPoint? Will they stay together for long, or they will fall into pieces soon? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

They won everything and they're talking same language, zp will be alive for a LOOOOONG time (gifty <3). I don't know if they are playing 6o6, but at the moment they're the best 5o5 clan around.

Do you think that’s because darky’s and potter's experience?

Well, potter and darky are uber-experienced players, but with gifty as a rifle, butchi as a medic and hatred they've a really nice performance.

Do they have some weak sides?

Well, if you kill 2 with a nade, take flag, steal uniform and kill 3 as fullspawn, yes. Otherwise it’s really hard to best them.

Did you consider the qualify of CDAP.pi as a surprise?

Yes of course, we played really bad vs them, but they did defeat idle 4-0, surprised at least me :p

Comparing ET to other games you played - which one is best and why?

F.E.A.R? Prolly because I own there :D I'm in the best European clan.

But F.E.A.R. is a bit underrated, it hasn’t much interest of sponsors and media, why?

Yes, true, I bougth it because it was supposed to be a part of many competitions, but the only ones took place in USA. I left F.E.A.R. for a short time, but when Combat (free fear mp) went out, I came back and still the same, no competitions. Nevertheless, I really like this game.

What are the disadvantages of ET?

Maybe the competitions.

That is?

People play at the high level, but there's no support of sponsors. We have like one LAN event per year. The rest is quite ok. Oh, and we want prone back!

Your plans for the future?

Well, I hope to play ET (in aMenti hopefully) until RTCW2 comes out,
or Quake Wars.

And the team?

I think we will keep playing at least for a half of a year, we'll see what happens before or after the summer.

Who do you consider the best player on the scene right now?

Urtier, tekoa and butchji.

What would you like to see in RtCW2?

Antilag if I’ll still have high pings. Well, I hope map rotation, like ET has, will appear there and the panzerfaust power of RtCW.

What are the most memorable or funny moments you had in ET?

A memorable moment was surely the match vs dtekt, when I was still in wArning!. We played battery as a decider, and we won in a f***** exciting match, radio and frags are at the end of my movie. Funny… it’s always funny on Spanish ventrilo (wArning! and parabellum). Yeah, and when I eat a panzerfaust shot myself having a 4 man kill, it happens really often.

Who do you think will win PGA?

zP will take the victory, they already showed their potential in 5o5 at the qualifiers winning against idle, aMenti and the others without too many problems. Since idle is not going to the LAN, the main opponents are the Polish ones and CDAP, who took the victory vs idle and they'll be uber motivated for the event and they'll put a hard fight to zP.

image: wing4

Diversus is considered the best polish team now, what do you think of them?

Well, they need to face FF to see which clan is really best, but of course they’re skilled, players like nrs and kot make the difference between good players and big players. However, I don't know their skill in 5o5, since 5o5 changes a lot the game. A LOT.

Oh, how does it change the game in your opinion?

Well, you can “push” more, only 3 mines, if someone gets full spawn it is really hard to keep the opponent. Also you need more aim, because it's more 1o1 (Wing says bye bye), but if a panzer / airstrike kills 2, it's like 40% of the team (Wing says hi).

Do you think it was a good idea to move onto 5on5?

5o5 is a good idea, but not now, when ET already is 3 years old and all stable clans have 6 man lineup. It really splits the game and community into 5o5 vs 6o6.

What are you like in rl? Hobbies?

I have no life, I only play :D Well, since I have a lot of time this year, because I'm only doing 3/4 day in class, I want go to gym, or at least I'll try it, because I’m too lazy :p

Blonde or brunette?

Silly blonde.

Favourite pornstar?

Hey, I don't watch porn! But let's say… Briana Banks and Stormy Daniels

Vodka or whiskey?

Vodka with orange juice and whiskey with coke? Martini and coke also owns.

Fight club type of question, who would you like to fight against?

My technique - kick the balls and run, but fists > all. Let's say Bush (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHSiqQpg7Uc). Paris Hilton is uber idiot also, but she looks so nice :<

50cent or Nightwish?


Shoutouts then and we're done!

Shoutouts to my teammates, atarax, whole parabellum team and 1moregame.co.uk for the trust in us.