Hi again,

here we have the second interview of amserious, the captain fo the team croatia.

Let's go !

France Craz : Can you introduce yourself and your ET achievement.

Croatia amserious : Nick : amserious Real Name : Marko , Well i started to play et like almost 3 years ago, so far ive only played in croatian clans, and thats mostly because i enjoy playing with my countrymen :). Started out in darkside wich became elite later.
then we formed new clan, dax with accoz , gumiflex, chaplja, mooncalf, oblivion ( now know as calisto ).
wich later became very known reality-squared, we had some minor results in open cup, like second place in open cup ( 2nd league ), we also competed in warleagues but didnt had any noticable results there.
Current clan is named cortana, we formed it recently like 2 months ago and we are still practicing.

France Craz : How has you became the team captain of the team croatia ?

Croatia amserious : I really don't know, since i have been inactive for almost a year. i came back only recently, and for reasons i don't know everyone wanted me to be a teamcaptain.

France Craz : Can you introduce the rest of the team croatia ? the most important players and stuf.

Croatia amserious : Well most of them are my current / ex clan-mates, i wouln't single out anybody alone, but i would say accoz, gumiflex, calisto.

France Craz : What do you think about the switching of cb from 6o6 to 5o5 ?

Croatia amserious : If you ask me, the change itself isnt so bad concerning gameplay but they have definetievely managed to split up community wich is a bad thing, since competition games have always been played 6on6 since rtcw. Only few top teams will benefit from this.

France Craz : Then if you can change anything in the CB system, what should it be ?

Croatia amserious : Well i think they should pay more attention to potential cheaters, because i like to play in a cheat free enviroment :) thats for start, then the thing i really don't like about clanbase is that they enforce changes on entire community, other then that i think that CB is an excellent organisation.
Clanbase should be more community orientated.

France Craz : Whats your target for this nationcup season ?

Croatia amserious : well we can't really predict anything and most importat thing is to be realistic and not to set some non-achievable goals, so we are hoping to have as much fun as we can representing our country :).

France Craz : Which team will be the most hard to win this season according to you ?

Croatia amserious : there are alot of great teams so its hard to tell since NC hasnt even started yet, most likely germany or estonia.

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