Hi perfo, can you introduce yourself?

I'm Jasper "perfo" k. from Holland and I'm 15 years old

How long have you been playing ET, and do you have online experience with other type of games?

I've been playing for about 2.5 years already, starting out on public for 1 year and joined a shrub clan, after that I went to play etpro and joined my first newbclan.

And other games?

I played rtcw in the last year, and a little quake3 1on1's

What do you think about the ET community nowadays.. too many kidoos? Too many hackers? Tell me your opinion...

Too many kids at least (i am one of them), but hax is only found under unknown players, at the top scene I dont think there are hackers.

Topic of the day: zp vs idle.. since idle lost agaisnt zP, do you think zP will be the next nr 1 in the ET scene.. or.. idle will take revenge and be unstopablle once again, or maybe parodia will come back to dominate?

I don't think zP will all of a sudden become the number 1 clan since they beat idle once, they proved that they are a really good clan yes, but they haven’t showed the community the real power which can still be hidden there. And idle with night > * !

Abnormal monkeys need a bit more practice together before they will storm the top, too bad they haven't played the qualifiers :[

What about cdap.. today u proved u are a top clan in the ET scene.. what do u think? Will it be an easy task to stay at the top or do you need to work much more to keep these results?

We need to work much more to keep stable, also we have to keep the same lineup for a while, because I dont think we are the second best clan all of a sudden. We won a few officials, that’s right but we aren't the best around imo.

uhm.. if you give a name, who would be the key player in the team? Or atleast the one you feel most condifent with when you are playing?

Not to be arrogant or something but I think I am one of the key players in the team, if not me, I'd say it's aeq when he's whining.

So you feel pretty confident in cdap eh? :)

Yes, it’s my best clan so far. And i love my teammates ;*

how do u and cdap plan on travelling to pga ?

we already tried to check for the cheapest way of travelling and we found that when we go with the train it will be by far the cheapest, plane would cost like ~120 euro a trip for 3 dutchies and then we didnt even count fobje and toxic with it. Most likely we will get money to travel by train, but it's gonna cost a whole lot so we're kinda searching sponsors already and we already have a few nice sponsors

Right, time for the quickfire questions...

sexyhot clanhopper. Yes / No?

hmm no :P

Chocolat or urtier?

urtier, he is a better fops

dignitas or parodia?


Who is the sexyest girl in et?


Ok, thx for the interview