This guy is not playing EC, nor is he playing OC. He's just special and deserves to be interviewed at least once in his life! I present to you: Austria Lukas "Bruzl4H" Mayer

image: studivzngrah2

So, Lukas tell us something about yourself.

Ok, I'm about 30 cm, 18 years old and god damn i'm probably the hottest boy around. My hobbies are watching myself in the mirror, having fun with my lovers limbonic and al7 and telling everyone how much i love fat people. (btw if u are a big fat phony qry me in #goq-rtcw !!!!). In RL (yes it does exist!!!) my mum tells me i'm cute and sometimes i even get a cookie even though i didnt do anything. (i like chocolatechip cookies!!! mm)

When did you start playing ET and why?

Man, i saw my brother playing this game and i was liek "wtf this cant be fun". me as a hardcore D2-progamez0r made fun of him why he's playing this shit game and then i tried it too, pwned everyone on all publics and liek damn, i love to own. so i quit D2 and started palying ET in the clan SMS (best ever y'heard). That shit was liek 3 1/2 years ago.

Give me a short summary of your ex-clans. Which one did you enjoy the most and prayed that it never would be over?

Aight, at the beginning i satrted playing in an all austrian clan called Sonntag Morgen Squad, was pretty cool but our squad decided to move on out of our shelter in an all et clan and we moved to the multigaming clan, there we were 12 players and split up in 2 squads again, 1 competetive squad called impious and the 2nd one rather a j4f one. (to be honest impious was todays dignitas back in the days, just nobody recognised it :(. Impious moved on to gods of quake because, to be honest we were way to pro for a clan called i had some of my greatest achievements with this squad. for example we owned Austria day_'s clan in 4:12 mins on supply. then i decided to move on to some noname clans like A+R elite and ultima ratio, nothing worth to be mentioned.

Well I said short, but okay. Are you going to cpc2? If you are, whome are you dying to meet and whome are you dying to beat up? And I heard rumours which implicates you being involved in a 1on1 with a fellow ETplayer in the same bed. Is this true or ...?

God damn who doesnt come to cpc is like some kind of rl faking s** o* a b****. man i'm dying to beat up the whole kiddie community that's for sure, i'll tag up with my lovers al7 and limbo. i'm dying to meet my lovers and i' looking forward to not only sleep with 1 et player but hopefully with pretty much everyone i meet

Mystic will be there! Are you going to ask his autograph or err.. his config or are you going to beat him up aswell?

I think i'll beat him up first and then tell him to give me an autograph with his blood. i think this would sell way better on ebay than a simple one. But to be honest why should i ask mystic for an autograph? i've too many to sign myself..... pfff

Who do you think will be pleased to see you coming? I bet the kiddie community will hope that you will miss your flight or smth.

i dont think anyone will be pleased seeing me on the lan. but i dont care, if i miss my flight i'll go by foot or tramp. tramping is way cheaper for guys like me because, god, i look so hot every truck driver wants to rape me.

Quick fire round[/u]

Limbonic or al7?

danm i have such a nice answer, but that wouldn't be a fire round anymore

Blow- or handjob?


Sex with me or with 10 women?

watching you having sex with 10 women

Boosting cars while having sex or having sex while boosting cars?

Is there a difference?

Chocolate or cum?

both if possible

Thanks, bruzlah, for the interview. Any shoutouts?

shoutout to: my, myself and I, limbonic, al7 some random others and everyone who really read this interview xD

If you thought this i-view is over, then your mistaken. This is what Limbonic says about Bruzl4h:

HELLO ALT ( stupid phony tard ). i have been knowing bruz for quite some time now ( 18 years n stuff ). actually i have not seen him that much for the last years as i bought some own computer when we both were playing D2. Since then we mostly have been communicating via TS or ventrillo, but i think he's about 30 centimetres long ( not high, u stupid retards ), a bit stupid, not fat and a phony. but still he is very skilled ( not reaching my ultratop level though ), and when i say he is very skilled i mean in RL and VL. i mean, he is like a real chixterminator which of course excels him from other ET players who are nerdy fucktards ( all ).

Anything else?

no i think i will close with some shoutouts as i am so damn famous
first shout: "no, dont ask me whether i want to join your team, i am too fucking skilled"
Shoutout to: snuble, mig, steveji, rene ( idle pownorator ), bruz, seya, synop, shmoe, nexus, omega, artis, bean, nero, mounty, not day, alvas, fewx, redstorm, allu, ahm3d, stonji, perdaj, montage, kenta, my mum, my dad, my grandpa, my grandma, and of course my fat phony friend al7 (<3)! And now piss off, i am busy with being skilled.

Thanks for the interview.