This interview is about the player known as Meez as i was going to interview AzA but he went to bed. Anyhow here it is.

Describe who the hell u are

Well, I'm sort of just a 15 year old kid from Nothern England, except with an above-average intelligence, and arrogance to go with it.

Ok cool, anyway i believe you started gaming at the age of 4 ? is that true ?

Not entirely, I got my first computer on my 6th birthday I believe. I played Quake and Doom in singleplayer. It wasn't until I was 8 that I got my first 56k modem! :D Or it may have been 9, who knows.

Ok when did u start playing enemy territory and who with ?

Well I think I signed up to in August 2003 I believe, and started hanging around that community where I would soon become admin during my times of lowskillness.I was told to download the game by a QWTF playing friend, and at first I thought it was another one of those "realistic boring games". I started playing pubs, figured out that I could tweak my config like quake. I then started looking for a clan! A few clans wouldnt take me, but then I found the all-inviting "Teen-Fraggers". Lozz and Schoft are the two main names that come to light here, with pre-ultimatequest Venom's son being the clan leader. I then moved onto the hilariously named "Badd Daddy Fukkaz" with Novi, Lordofthepoffs (leroy) and vapour.... such a leet bunch we were. I spent quite a bit of my lowskilled time here before LTC where I met nev. After me and nev ditched LTC, we went clanhopping and eventually found ourselves in iLoG!k with the lineup: England never, England Meez, England Mztik, Netherlands Aza, Netherlands Option, England Confo. Possibly the most fun I ever had in ET,

You were recently accused of hacking which happened a numerous amount of times, have you anything to say about this topic ?

Well, since I'm still on a break from gaming, I found news of my banning pretty hilarious. I checked out GamersNation to find a bunch of lowskilled Brits masturbating to a punkbuster screenshot of which I did not recognise. Anyone that accused me is either lowskilled or stupid, or underrated me. I never hacked against anyone, ever, and that's the whole of it.

Thanks for clearing that up, ok after you left the ET scene what did you get up to? did you venture into other games or just build a "real life"?

Neither really, I just got bored of gaming. Spent the time I would do praccing on either going out or doing work. Still played some cpmpickups, hung around on irc, played some cod2 semi-actively. Recently though I'm trying to focus on real life. I play a round of cpm every couple of days still, and play my new addiction Albatross18 with friends if I'm bored. As unreal, or as phony as it may sound, I try and spend most of my time now with friends or my girlfriend. =D (he means boyfriend)

Do you think you will ever go back to playing Enemy Territory ?

Very unlikely, unless I find a highskill team that doesn't need or want to prac that much. Or if clanbase gets some sense and removes my ban I should be back for NC =).

Thinking about my time in ET, I realised that... it's such a waste of fucking time. There are few people that actually earned anything from playing ET, albeit there are fun times and good moments but, it's all for nothing in the end, when you move on and go real life (which everyone will do eventually). Imagine if you spent all the time you spent playing ET on excersize, going to the gym, or even just outside. I think most people in the ET scene can say they spent too long playing the game. I know I did.

Ok now time for some quick general questions

Favourite Food?
Tuna Pasta

TV or PC?

Blonde or Brunette?

Favourite Sport?

Black or White?
It doesn't matter if you're black or white! (i meant in colour but ok)

Chocolate or Kebab?
sober: Chocolate
pissed: Kebab

Haggis or Humus?
Haggis coz im gay

Favourite ET Moment?
My first six man panzer. That was pretty epic.

Ok thank you for your time, any shoutouts you wish to make ?
Well first I want to shoutout to confo for wasting so much of my time and your time with such a pointless depressing interview of someone that doesnt even play the game anymore (much <3)

But I guess for shoutouts: Nev, Viax, Mztik, Aza, Confo, Hentai.. and well... these things are too hard, too many people. So I guess it's anyone I've ever played with, against, or talked to. I had the most fun playing with iLoG!k, the most fun playing against idle (always a challenge), and most fun talking to levz at 3am about his real life. Oh and of course the biggest shoutout to Bulld0g and the people who I think I hacked.... LOL@YOU!

ok bed time now hf