One of Hollands most lovable RTCW characters Netherlands Okla moved from RTCW into Call of Duty 1 back in the day. After a successful stint in CoD1, Okla was banished to Azeroth with a number of both CoD and RTCW allstars. Finally he has fought his way out of that hideous place and has picked up his SMG again, he tells Crossfire about his struggle!

Firstly - The Introduction, who are you and where did u come from!

My name is Dennis van den Hoek, im a 27 years old dutchie who started gaming about 6 to 7 years ago. Starting in RTCW i started playing higher level in call of duty, enjoyed my first bootcamps and lan events. I started playing call of duty in a well known RTCW clan [ACF], after some of those players decided to move on to other games I wandered around some and ended up in a clan called Perola and Co. We started a own team later on with Olander and zEm from the former A-Laget called Epitaph, which is where my previous clan history ends.

It ends because you got sucked into World of Walking, what is it that dragged you down that slippery road?

I basically started playing it because the support for CoD 1 stopped, no more lans coming up, and the pure addictiveness of WoW drew me in. I did try call of duty 2, but didnt last to long.

Going back in time, you gave RTCW the best you had in teams like bB and ACF - What was it that kept you in RTCW for so long?

It was the first game i experienced that involved teamplay, tactics and communication. Having a solid group of players meeting them at lan was a tremendous experience. Apart from that, RTCW is one of the best games ever made, i didnt really want to let it go.

You never quite made it to the very top of the pile in RTCW, in comparisson to CoD at least - What would you define as your crowning moment in RTCW?

Like i said before, it was the first fps game i played, by the time i became decently good most of the community started playing Call of Duty or moved on to Enemy Territory. I guess i just lacked time to grow out of the public playing phase.

One of Crossfires favourites, Shakes, was a long time teammate of yours. What was it like playing alongside him?

Playing with players like him is always good, knowing hes got your back, however my most notable moments with shakes were usually chatting, awesome guy :)

really shakes? No whine? :P

haha, i guess he missed me and became bitter

LOL - Ok moving forward, What is it about CoD4 thats 'doing it' for you?

One of the things about CoD4 is that its pretty fast paced, combined with wallbanging and flashes its a real thrill to play. Only thing that i feel isnt that great is the weapon choice for both sides, and the stun (which is removed in many rulesets)

Are you going to be getting back into it hardcore and try to get back on the LAN scene?

I'm currently getting my aim and teamplay back, whilst trying to figure out a team to play with. I couldnt play this game without LAN tournaments, so expect me to be there one way or another.

And how does it make you feel to see some of your old RTCW compatriots currently ruling the COD4 roost in the shape of Doekoe and Joepoe

Its always nice to see familiar names at the top of the scoreboard, even though i never really met either of them. For me there are still so many familiar names from call of duty 1 in the current top teams, and alot coming back from other games.

What advantages will players like yourself have coming from the earlier editions of CoD

To me this game has alot of the CoD 1 "feel" to it, when i started to play this game i expected me to perform quite horrible, while infact i picked it up again really fast. Other then that the game has alot of new aspects so there is no real other advantage.

Thanks to Okla for his time!