As everyone already noticed, ClanBase have announced the groups of the upcoming OpenCup, both 6vs6 and 3vs3. As usual, the whine about the groups is starting, but if you look at the 6v6 groups of the moment, whine might be on it's place.

Of course, ClanBase is doing a great job by hosting yet another OpenCup for every ET player and for the Supervisors it's hard to make the groups, but on the other side, it's also weird that for such a huge organisation alot of mistakes have been made?

Every human makes mistake, they are born to make them, but also to learn from it and correct them. ClanBase added 2 new admins to their crew, named Belgium Zell and Netherlands Insecure, where I've never heard of before and who might not be able to do such a job alone. Insecure is Co-Supervisor of the 3v3 OpenCup together with Supervisor Adacore, and those groups are currently looking nice, but on the other side, at the OpenCup 6v6, Zell had to make the groups all on his own and you don't want to know how much work that is!

As the Supervisor of the OpenCup 6v6, Belgium Anaconda is currently somewhere around the world enjoying a holiday, Belgium Zell had to make the OpenCup 6v6 Groups all alone. It's of course very hard for a "new" admin to make groups on his own, but he also could have asked other admins to help him (if CB allows that) or let them share there knowledge.

In this article, I've posted some swaps that can be made before the start of the upcoming season. I guess it's a good idea to correct the groups before the start of the season, but that's the choice of ClanBase itself.

I'm not blaming ClanBase or any of it's admins for anything, it's great that they are putting so much spare time into there cups and that they are providing the community and it's players with another great season. Therefor the community is able to do something back, for example you can post your thought as a comment, so the admins can read them and use them to maybe make some swaps in the cups.

(Useful comments from clanleaders will be added to the article when I've time)

Please don't post any whine comments, just post some feedback on the mentioned changes and your own thoughts on what ClanBase could change.

Update: Some last season information has been added.