image: interview_cc5

Impact Gaming managed to secure the top spot within their Group A without losing a single map. Now they are going on to the Winner Bracket Playoffs of the Crossfire Challenge 5 facing Benelux 8Bits/FiF who also showed an impressive performence within the groupstage.

Germany eiM met up with Malta toxic & United Kingdom syK for a short interview about the recent results and what they expect for their future turnout at the tournament.

You just played your first playoff match. How was your performence?
We played better than expected. To be honest we were a bit freezing next to the cold entrance door. Though we performed good in this hard game and as already said better than expected.

Yesterday you played the groupstage matches in Group A. Anything to say about these?
Yes. They were simple, not too many surprises. We did not drop any round and have high expectations for the rest of the tournament.

How was your trip to the Crossfire Challenge 5 event?
Oh. It truly was a long, cold and freezing trip to the LAN center but we are glad that we are here now.

What do you expect for the rest of the tournament with Impact Gaming?
We hope to get into the Grand Final ofcourse. Atleast we should. And so we will try our best to win this competition.

Do you like the LAN event up to now, how are your feelings?
It is very nice. About the performence it is very much about getting used to the location. Also the pressure is a factor which needs to be considered. I think if you have some people around speccing you and when you are under some pressure you perform better as you maybe would do at home.

Which teams do you expect to end up at the top of Crossfire Challenge 5?
Hmm, I did not see mamut play yet. Though I expect United Kingdom Impact Gaming to take the top spot followed by
Slovenia , right in front of Europe ButtonBashers.