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Germany eiM met up with CoD4 player Germany smithz of Germany Komacrew and he gladly answered some questions:

How do you like the lan event up to now?
It is very nice. We have been to the cdc4 last year where we did not perform too well but stil played a draw versus the 3rd placers. Though there were some problems because of unallowed scripts in one of our matches, because of which we actually did
not want to attend any Crossfire Events anymore. But as this is the last big LAN event of this year and we all were motivated we decided to go. Now things are much better.

What do you aim for on the Crossfire Challenge 5 and in which kind are you satisfied with your recent results?
This is our first LAN with this lineup so our goal is to be in the top 5. Though we would like to make a top 3 placement... To be honest we would be very unhappy if we would not reach the top5. Up to now we did not lose a match, eventhough we already played teams as Dignitas and and FatGames. We gave away the lead versus Dignitas, which was not really needed, and so drawed that match. Everything is on its way and we are doing well.

How do you rate the performance of the other teams and were there any surprises?
We expected Vicious & Evil to be stronger. The rest performed as expected with ButtonBashers, Dignitas , Fatgames and Reasongaming as top favourites.

Which team do you see as your strongest opponent?
This will be ButtonBashers who at the moment dominate the scene, such as last year, and again are top seeded.

How do you expect the Call of Duty 4 scene to develop, do you see a future with Cod5 released and Cod6 being just on its way?
This is a hard question. Cod5 was just released but could not stand up the expectations. Cod4 will most liekely be played until the release of CoD6 and the competitionscene will stay active. This all depends on which LAN tournaments will be announced for the next year but the AEF made one of the first steps already.

Which future plans do you have regarding eSport?
I would be very happy if we would see an EPS for CoD4. I would love to play that and also win it if possible. Other than that we will keep on playing with our team and try to achieve as much as possible.

We will finish with a top3 prediction of you: