image: interview_cc5

Right after Slovenia faced Poland PolagZ in a stunning match Germany urtier and Germany senji sat down with Germany eiM and answered his questions.
Slovenia are still on their way to the Grand Final and are performing well. In the following you can read the full interview:

How do you like the Crossfire Challenge 5 so far? Feedback?
Germany urtier: Tired as usual. Some delays but the rest is fine and there are less loud CoD4 teams compared to the last event.
Germany senji: It also is not as crowded as it was last time.

Are you satisfied with your recent performance at this lan event?
Germany senji: The groupphase was great. Also radar in our latest match versus PolagZ was nice.
Germany urtier: Though our performance after Adlernest offence was pending against 0. We closely won that match.

Which goals do you have for this competition and do you think you can reach them?
Germany urtier: With normal online performance, which we usually should provide, a top 3 place is the least.
Germany senji: Also the Eurocup final is a match we surely want to win today.

Which team do you think is your hardest opponent and why?
Germany urtier: I think ButtonBashers, eventhough they also lost a map and to be honest the fails of the topteams are equala at the moment.
Germany senji: Usually ButtonBasherss as best team after us, but maybe also Impact Gaming can be a fight.

What do you think about this lan event in comparison to the last ones you competed?

Germany urtier: Overall this lan is just a bit more quiet and not to crowded.
Germany senji: The schedule is a lot better than last time where we needed to wait about 9hours before we could continue playing. This time we do not wait at all, maximum 1hour.

Reviewing your achievements in ETs competitionscene. How do you think will the competitionscene of ET develop in the future?
Germany urtier: I expect the known names to stop playing after this lan event as usual. Until the next event is being announced and teams will gather again to fight for the money and have some fun.
Germany senji: I also expect the next Eurocup to be full of dropouts and forfeits again as long as there is no major lan event announced. Probably some will aim for the polish lan event.

Do you have any special plans or goals within eSport, probably also outside of ET?
Germany urtier: We will see which game gets released next . Call of Duty 4 and 5 are no alternative for me. Actually most people are probably waiting for the next Wolfenstein but as there is not much announced yet noone knows. Some ET from time to time ofcourse.
Germany senji: I doubt that I will play much after the lan event. ET will most likely be dead until the next lan is announced and I will also lack at having time for ET.

Will you two compete at future Crossfire Events?
Germany urtier: I think so yes. It always depends on the dates as we now have other priorities as we had 3years ago and due to that have less time which you can see at our performance.
Germany senji: Same like urtier said it depends on exams and similar.

Were there any special upsets or surprises on how teams or specific players have performed on cc5?
Germany urtier: I was surprised that ButtonBashers nearly lost.
Germany senji: Well we expected Zero Empathy to be much worse than online but they simply are not.

At the end I ask you for a top3 prediction for the Crossfire Challenge 5:
Germany senji & Germany urtier: Impact Gaming, ButtonBashers and in any order.