After the qualifier, the image: cbico ClanBase got a talk with JapanKirark, about his ideas and thoughts belong to this NC XII.

image: cbico Hello Sho 'Kirark' F. first please give us a short information about yourself, for those who might not know you.
Hello. Im Sho 'Kirark' F. and im living in Kobe. I'm playing Enemy Territory since three years now. As i met JapanMiRUKU, we founded a clan, but we played at this time in Japan only. This period took about two years, while i played the rifle postion. Now it turned a bit as might all poeple could see.

image: cbico Tell us a bit about your team - JapanJapan. And what do you think are your chances?
JapanMiRUKU - I think everybody saw his performance last match. After all i would say he can mess up himself with the best rifle players of this game in the world.
JapanRollStone - Due his jumping movement, he is called sometimes the 'new sqzz'. Out of his skill in reviving and his sense for the game, i would say he's the best cover medic in Japan.
Japansirokuma - he also started playing with me three years ago. He is an incredible fan of Germanybutchji. He watches every match he can, the German is playing. There are rumours, that he watched one match 20 times. But at all he is a very good aiming medic.
JapanGabriel - He is one of the best aiming medics in Japan as well. In the past he played rifle, but as a matter of fact JapanMiRUKU got this part now.
JapanVienna - One of our newschool player. His experience in stopwatch playing his a half year now. But his skills still growing. He will become a great player of Japan in the future.
JapanRemishi - He was backup player during last seasons of NationsCups. But after old player of Team Japan quitted Enemy Territory, he got his chance now.
So finally i think we are able to reach the playoffs, if we can still perform like in our qualifier match.

image: cbico The response about the maplist were separated. What are your thoughts about?
I'm a bit disappointed. I think no nation would chose reactor_final or sw_battery. I would like to see bremen_b2 and adlernest on the maplist.

image: cbico The Qualifiers are finished and there might be some surprises, but perhaps some disappointment as well. In your eyes, are there any suprises/disappointment?
AustraliaAustralia forfeited their match. That a suprise for me. Even like ChileChile did, we would also playing in an EU server. But we would win it!

image: cbico Especially the matches of 'oversea teams' put the cat among the pigeons. Belong to the ping situation and the response of some teams. Tell us your ideas.
Playing in an eastern us server would be the most fair situation.
100-150 for eu
150-200 for jp
I guess the other oversea teams are nearly equal to our pings.

image: cbico In the end i would like to ask you, for your favorites this season?
GermanyGermany, FinlandFinland and PolandPoland. But in my eyes GermanyGermany got the best lineup ever. So they will probably make it.

image: cbico Thank you a lot, offering your point of view and have fun and good luck further matches.
Thank you too. At this point i would like to send some greetings to Canadaanim, Switzerlandgifty and HungaryNONIX. Cya at Group Stage.

SOURCE: ClanBase