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The next pick of our "Getting to know the game...r" series is about Team UK`s new star rifle England koop. The interview itself is long enough so I don`t need a big introduction. Here we go:

As every other interview we do start with the question what kind of person is hidden behind the "koop" nickname?

Hey! My real name is Akif (pronounced ah-keef) or as people mostly call me Keefy.
I’m 21 years old, currently just finished my Personal Training course :_), so just job-hunting is happening for me at the moment!

Recently we have seen you playing alongside some big names like sqzz, ROSS and some other high profile players. How have you done such a great leap forward (from med to Team UK player...)?image: koop

Well it all happened kind of fast.. I was part of a clan called Deathless with my old friends Hydro(Kipzz) and Havoc. I was the rifler in the team and pretty unknown to the UK scene, however Kipzz and Havoc had some connection with R0SS at the time, which allowed R0SS to merc for us on occasion. Long story short, after playing mixes with the UK guys I guess they seen some sort of potential in me and I was soon in Team UK.

Was deathless your first and only clan before playing with your Team UK mates or have you had any other clan experience? If it was your first: How have you become a clan member there? If not let us know the whole story!

Havoc and Kipzz convinced me to play ET, we first started off in 2.55 patch with the clan called Saints. After spending a while in that clan we decided to expand to 2.6b and joined a clan called Splendid, many wars and officials later, we evolved into our most popular clan Deathless! Due to real life commitments the wondertwins Havoc and Kipzz decided to quit, which caused me to join 2 more clans, firstly Epic, then TARGET.

Team UK is currently in the upper bracket final. How was the situation with the start of the playoffs? Have you talked inside the team about your main goal or have you just concentrated from game to game?

It has been incredible, many say it’s the strongest UK lineup ever fielded, which is a pleasure to be apart of to say the least. Everyone in the team knows what the goal is, and that’s to win matches, simple as.

Do you think you can win the highly anticipated number one spot? Or What is your biggest foe?

Regardless of opponents we have had a strong attitude in advance of any game, after rising victorious from incredibly talented teams such as Germany and Finland, confidence is high however complacency is something we cannot let in.

At the start of the Nationscup, Germany was the favourites with Finland closely trailing, now it’s a different story all together. After beating the top dogs of the cup I don’t see nothing that can get in our way to achieving that number one spot.

Besides your appereance in the national team you participate with Eighth Wonder in the #et.tourney. Do you as a team aim for the upcoming EC or is it just mixxing for fun? And do you have any other team in mind for further competitions in case you do it just for your personal amusement?

Eighth Wonder is not a serious project, it’s pretty much just Team UK with space for different nationalities to merc if needed :o). We seen the tournament as a good time to practice.

As for myself, I have had offers from several teams since Nationscup started, but I’m not looking for a team as of yet until Nationscup is over.

And what about the next big lan event in the Netherlands? I heard there are some good transport connections between UK and NL!

I wanted to attend the previous LAN but it unfortunately got cancelled! Now I’m extremely looking forward to this LAN..and yes I AM going :o).
I haven’t really had a look at the transports just yet, but I will be taking it more seriously after NC is over, e.g. looking for a team, planning the journey etc :P

Okey, so you will meet your teammates at the lan but what about other community members? Tell us which players you really want to see and have a chat with as well as whom you don't want to come across.

Well, all the almighty dudes! So Owzoooo, Piegie, IceQ, Goku, Rito, Zodiac! Woody..there are loads! There's no players that I do not want to come across, I know some retards that are probably attending, but it doesn't bother me one bit, so regarding them I dont really care :_)

Although the Adroits ET Masters were announced some weeks ago we don't see any big MGO's picking up an ET team. Personally I think there are at least a handful organisations willing to support a team so my question is: Are the players just too lazy to do a proper application/team presentation or do you have any other experience?

I personally think they may be a factor of both laziness and disinterest. They’re a lot of MGO’s but I think players that are looking only apply to a selected amount of organizations and not to every single one. I mean, the more MGO’s you apply to, the more chance you get of being sponsored, right?

However ET is not a popular game compared to Quakelive, CoD4, BF3 etc therefore MGO’s may see it as a risk factor (i.e. not earning a return on a sponsored team etc). Nevertheless we have seen some MGO’s pick up new teams within the past month or so, let’s just hope this continues to grow!

Do you have a personal goal concerning ET and your gaming career?

Not really, I have been involved in gaming just because it’s fun. If something bigger comes out of it then fantastic, yet just for now it’s all for fun :_)

One good advice for all starters to evolve?

Keep an open mind, spectate players that are better than you and you learn a lot, even I spectate all types of rifles, regardless if I’m better than them or not, you still learn things :_). Also concerning configs and settings, stick with what makes you feel comfortable. If someone has a good game, its not his uber settings, its him being used to his settings and feeling comfortable with what he is playing with. You need to find that feeling for yourself!

Have you met your nearest ET comrads in real life?

Sadly I haven’t! That’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to this LAN, it’s a good opportunity to meet the people I talk and play ET with.

Imagine you got all the power to change ET... What would be your first modification ( rules, maps, format et cetera)?

Wow this is a hard question.. off the top of my mind I would have to say more riflenades and quicker charge for riflers :o) haha, but seriously there is nothing I can think of that I want to be changed. When the community wants a change it will band together and implement it (5on5 to 6on6), and if there was anything left to change I’m sure it would be under construction at the moment or even completed already.

A lot of people keep shouting "ET is dying" Why is this old game still able to grab your attention?

It’s a unique game. I can’t think of another game that has the same concept and engine as ET, you got your CoD’s and BF’s but the feeling is not the same. It’s hard to explain but the game is still going strong!

Do you have any idol or favorite player to spec on ETTV?

aCoZz...The main and probably only reason I decided to become rifle :_D, and he was kind enough to reply to my private message a few years ago! Shoutout to him :_)

Some more personal questions:
What do you exactly do besides playing computer games?

Um alot of things, but most worth noting is probably just hanging around with friends (Cinema, out for meals etc), going to the gym and playing sports!

What was the exciting thing you have ever done (e.g. Special moment, extreme sports, beautiful stuff...)?

If I had to pick anything I would say achieving a black belt in Tae Kwon Do!

What would you do with 1 million dollars?

Make a paintball resort, and each course/map would be a replica of a map in Enemy Territory! I mean imagine going paintballing on Goldrush or supply!! :D

Some short questions:
Favorite drink? Orange juice
Favorite food? Curry HOW IRONIC LOEL
Favorite movie? Anything with Will Smith!
Favorite artist? Chamillionaire
Favorite book? Don't read books :o(

Apple or android? Blackberry!

Skiing or snowboarding? Snowboarding

Thompson or mp40? Mp40

Okey, thank you very much for your time and best of luck for your further projects and much fun @ ET Masters. Feel free to post your shoutouts now!

Shoutouts to ALMIGHTY.ET! Team UK! Havoc & Kipzz :_)