A week has passed since the release of Crossfire 4, which makes this a perfect opportunity to have a look at what we're planning on doing next. Your feedback has certainly been useful and compared to prior launches of major Crossfire upgrades, we're happy with the limited amount of flame we received. This however doesn't mean everyone is happy, certainly not. And throughout the past week we have carefully examined the constructive feedback given by the userbase and set up a bunch of bugfixes, features and usability fixes we are planning to implement.

You might have noticed a couple hotfixes we pushed to the live site, such as the comment avatar system, the sightly greyer background, the migration and activation process fixes, performance optimization and so on. Those fixes were necessary to fix right away because they were seriously hampering user activity. The next features we're planning will take a bit more time and we'll try to communicate them transparently and push them together in fixpacks so you can keep track of the patches we apply. Don't forget any and all updates we do are solely for the good of the community so you can rest assured that there'll at least be something that rocked your boat that we will fix in the upcoming days and weeks.

First off, we're going to stop the tabs from moving in the top right corner. The tabs will only switch once if there's new content in either one of them. In any other case, it will remember your choice of tab until you switch it again.

Secondly we're looking into getting some accounts that were skipped during migration due to duplicate bogus email addresses, migrated as well. A couple users have seen their account vanished in thin air, and this is what we will address as one of our top priority fixes.

We will also fix the filtering issues with performance. Also tags will be a lot more useful after these patches.

The search will be replaced by our own implementation of Solr. This is an index-based search engine built on top of Lucene, which is very much like how Google works.

We will add the "Get Enemy Territory" and "Learn Enemy Territory" buttons. This will take you to an ET-dedicated page where you will be able to download our own composition of the ET installer for either competitive or casual gaming. We also have our own adaptation of the ET Strategy Guide which will aid new players into the game.

The comment system has been reworked slightly with new avatars and such, but we're still not happy with the way they're presented. The "whitewall" effect certainly makes it harder to stay focussed and lets you lose track of which comment is in reply to what. We'll be looking into better ways to visualize the comments, and the GreaseMonkey scripts some people wrote are a great way to judge new approaches. We're open for proposals and will definitely make this a priority.

User profiles right now look a bit clumsy as most groups don't have a picture anymore, the bb-codes are often messed up due to the more strict nature of the new set, and certain sections are a lot bigger in proportion than others. We'll be looking forward to improve the layout and structure of your most dearest page.

Lastly, we're also looking into a solution for those who don't use "smooth edges of screen fonts".

Throughout the next days and weeks you'll see a noticable change in the categories above. We won't give a fixed deadline for these fixes but we're surely doing everything we can to deliver as fast as possible.