Good day boys and girls, today we start series of post CGS interviews (about damn time). The players interviewed in the series will obviously be CGS 2012 attendees and possibly players that are planning on going to CGS Winter in February from both .eu and .pl communities. First one to go is the leader of CGSWINNERS aka team that won CGS 2012 - Polanddialer.

PS.:Name the person you want to see interviewed next in comments.

Hi dialer, please tell us who are you, when you're not ingame.

Hi, my name is Patryk, I got my degree this year and I'm currently on break from work so got longer holiday for now.

How did your adventure with ET start and where did your nick come from?

Eventough I played RTCW before ET (only 4 fun), I didn't know about ET until my classmate showed it to me somewhere in 2004. At this time I was training basketball and some mates that played with me also played computer games. From what people may recall there were guys like Archer (player of FBI) and Crx from Call of Duty. The friend, who showed me ET, moved on to CoD and I stayed with ET having RTCW in my memory.As for my nick, it was the time of internet cafes and we had one really close to our school so we went there before or after basketball practices to play CS 1.3 :D. I got my nick in that cafe, but I don't really recall how it happened. It was definitely something related to CS.

And did you already know back then, that you would end up as Polish player with most titles in your hand?

To be honest I never thought about something as "serious computer gaming". Playing ET after school or basketball practice was just a thing to make evening nicer and that's how I spent around 1.5 years, just playing for fun. However I'm a very competetive person and I like to win, so after some time the fun became something more. At this time I met Krein, who also wanted to play for something more than fun and that's how my competetive gaming adventure started, if you can really call it like that.

I know for a fact that as a gamer, you don't limit yourself to ET only, but why is ET the game you spent most your time on.

I never understood the success of Counter Strike, the game is slow, mostly based on camping your own spot and shooting through walls. After few rounds the games is getting monotonous and is simply boring, but I guess it might be different for some. On the other hand we have ET, which everyone says is dieing but also everyons is still playing it, just because ET got "it". It's fast and unpredictable. The fact that it's played in Stopwatch mode instead of Search & Destroy makes ET seem even more spectacular. On top of that you have the class system, movement taken from Quake, which in my opinion requires more aiming skills than in most games. All of that put together is what makes ET give you something that no other game would.
PS:The only other FPS I could play is Call of Duty 4.

Where did you go for your first LAN?

I don't recall the name, but it was LAN in Warsaw, organized by kaczka in 2005. Back then I played with Fealess together with phla, kaurz and meskal and few others I don't remember by name.

You attended both LANs abroad as in Poland. What's the difference between those LANs?

All european LANs I have attended were organised in Enschede, in an internet cafe which is the biggest difference. Major part of PCs is ready to play from start, also they have bigger and better organised admin crew, that has experience in running those kinds of events.

Together with your team you won CGS 2012. How would you comment on how the LAN was run in comparison to LANs that you have attended and would you attend CGS again?

In my opinion LAN was very good, the only problem being the lack of air conditioning in the venue which wasn't helpful while gaming. Everything was sorted out, from sleeping place to food. There was also separate room with screen for spectators, which was a great feature, that allowed players to have more space for themselves, without people going behind them all the time. Excluding PGA, that was probably the best organised Polish LAN and I would definitely want to appear and such event next time.

Do you think ET still has some future, or the latest rise in activity is just typical rise before upcoming LAN and ClanBase season?

There is certainly some future, connecting with LANs that are still to come, but I think that everything will be based on such rises before LANs and less connected to ClanBase seasons. More and more people are leaving online ET gaming and only coming back for LANs and I doubt it will change.

And now, as sort of tradition, some fast questions:
Best aimer?


Best team (ever)?

There is no such team, as there will always be someone better but: saevus, parodia, u96d.

Your dream team?

Don't have one.

Is there anything you would like to say to haters that think all your success is only thanks to your teams carrying you?

What shitheads think is not relevant.

Thanks for your time, you have 1 minute for greetings.

Hi mum.

image: dialermad
Dialer during Cracow GameSpot 2012

Interview in Polish