Due to the fact crossfire.nu is specifically such a FPS based community I find this column as applicable here as any other site so I encourage your replies and welcome feedback.

I think everyone who still plays games today who has been around for more than 2 years has seen the downfall of the FPS genre among the public, I talk mostly to the streaming side of things. You only need to look at League of Legends, Starcraft 2 and World of Tanks and more to see we are a dying breed of gamer.

Yet I tend to question as to why this is happening and I pose the exact same thing to whomever decides to read this, Where did it all go wrong?

There are a million things we could chalk this up to from minor changes to the bigger and more pending issues but to me several points stand out.

Involvement of the developers

Or more to the point, lack of involvement… I look back to points brought to the attention of the panels at the eSports congress just held.

- “Game Developers and eSports: How they have embraced the concept and changed their games accordingly”

The quote from Charles Darwin springs to mind…

Quote“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”

The FPS games of recent can hardly been accredited with the word adaptation. You only need to keep in mind and recall the rather appalling attempt that was …

image: Wolfenstein_%282009_video_game%29

Sales of the game have not met expectations, and as a result Activision has laid off employees from Raven Software.


image: BRINK_%28game_box_art%29

Flat combat and a lack of variety are just two of the things that make Brink such a disappointment.

I don’t condone the endless regurgitated supply of Call of Duty either, successful as it may be within the public sector of Gamers within the selected eSports friendly titles, CoD ended its real run a long time ago.

The examples are endless of FPS games that were almost but not quite there or ready for the eSports developing scene but the big question is how they can adapt a FPS to the eSports ecosystem to create longevity and concurrent viewership.

My reply from that is from grass roots, you need to find the balance where you won’t be shooting yourself in the foot by making it totally focused towards competitive play and allow the casual user to embrace what eSports is becoming while being able to enjoy the game.

I look towards League of Legends as a perfect balance between casual play and competitive eSports friendly surroundings with the further boost from promotion within the game for eSports related subjects & streams in addition to the free game model that has created such a large player base to capitalize on.

As easily said as my statement may be simple things can bring this into play, Counterstrike:Global Offensive has a inbuilt overlay for shoutcasters, normally this takes the community behind it to get this into function and that’s months down the line and splitting the community already.

image: 1346395663.1349

The small yet promising beginnings

My other gripe with FPS games is the ETTV/HLTV/SourceTV’s of the world, as much as I love the freedom it can bring to the viewer it also takes drastically away from the ability to monetize the viewership and encourage sponsorship.

I hail for the era of tuning in to TosspoT shoutcasting away via a radio stream on winamp and trying to workout how the hell I sync this with ETTV but these days its more than that. As selfish as you may believe this is (as I am a caster) there is method to my madness, I have personally sold the streams we provide to companies who are willing to invest impressive monetary sums and product investment to the scene off the back of that. The ability to create value from your viewership can give the scene genuine life.

I have to put the question to you the reader, What do you think as a “eSports” aware person would help the transition from casual gamer to being just a bit more aware of the bigger scene within FPS?

Will it ever be enough to bring the FPS genre back to the forefront of gaming and eSports within the streaming media?