"The Old Boys Club" - A legitimate problem for newer bodies to get exposure and work in eSports, or should people try harder?

The question posed by Slasher (Producer and Co-Host @liveonthree)

The responses flooded my twitter with denials but i tended to agree. This is purely from where im coming from which is a just above average shoutcaster with potential, that sounds like my school reports. The point being Slasher did touch upon something that really is out there, and it really can hinder people within eSports.

image: old-boys-club

I tend to draw back to the slightly hung over and tired conversation i mustered with Gonzo at i46. The topic fell upon "big" shoutcasters... he had previously interviewed 2 rather big shoutcasters lets just say and in the most tasteless fashion Gonzo as ever pointed the questions to a area most would tend to avoid, What have you actually done to "nurture" the lower scene of commentators. The answer to say the least was spluttered and avoided but to me it does highlight a real point.

Excluding the typical "so you think you can cast" topic being posted what has the "bigger" commentators done for the up and coming few. I think a point was raised at Valencia Congress do the shoutcasting community need a governing body to create a portal of newer talent to come through.

People will reply to this with, if you work hard enough you will be noticed and i agree you do have to work hard you have to work your arse off but then what...That's the point im lucky enough to know and be friends with fantastic people within eSports who i can bounce off of for progression and generally networking too but most don't have that.

To go back to topic "The Old Boys Club" as much as i agree lightly with the implication i would of phrased it more...its who you know. I appreciate Slasher created the title to give hype to the probable following episode of Live on Three. I have to ask the question, when related to pure content providing be it casting or anything else around that marker do you feel the scene in general could do with a governing body to help up and coming people be noticed and moulded into something better? Or should they take the initiative upon their own shoulders?

Now as much as this may seem a bitter rant about me not being noticed, Its far from that. Im lucky where i am, ive worked hard and i have benefited from it.