So I sat down with ze legendary, almighty, the one and only WarWitch! Its been several years since he stopped casting those great games with his pure talent. We all have been waiting for this legend to make a small return to the scene of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and yes ladies and gentleman this is true, the legend has returned once again! So enough of chitchat and lets take a look at the interview with him.

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Q:Could you give us a small introduction about yourself to the people who might not know you yet and what do you do?

A:Wow, where to start? My name is Gabriel 'WarWitch' David, but most everyone commonly knows me as Warwitch. I began broadcasting video games around 1999-2000. In theory, that makes me one of the first video game shoutcasters in the history of this impressive field. I got my start covering the original release of Tribes. Things really began rolling for me once Return to Castle Wolfenstein was unveiled and I switched my focus to covering the matches and action from the World War II front. I had the pleasure of shoutcasting some of the most memorable games in the history of RtCW. Back in those days everything was done through winamp and audio coverage. Looking back, these were some of the best days of my gaming life.

Q:How have you been after all those years when you went inactive?

A:Life has been good! I'm married to an amazing woman (we've been together 9 years now), and though I hung up my shoutcasting mic around 2005, I never really stepped away from the it totally. I've always been a DJ, both online via shoutcasting and in “real life” at nightclubs. The latter is how I make my living.

Q:Some might know that you want to make a return to casting once again. How do you see your return?

A:At the moment I'm a shoutcaster without a game. There really isn't anything out at the moment that I'd feel comfortable covering. I learned my lesson early that commenting on games I was not passionate about was not a good idea. It isn't fair to the community or fair to myself. When Insomnia and ZeD informed me personally about the RtCW Anniversary Cup and expressed their desires to see me cover it, I realized that this would not only be a lot of fun, it would also be my chance to brush off the rust of inactivity and test the waters for a casual return to shoutcasting. What do I plan to cover after this event? I have no idea. We'll see where the chips fall.

Q:What is according to you the key to a successful team?

A:Great communication and teamwork are always the staple of a good team. It's important for a team to have strong leadership that can act as the glue that keeps everyone together. It's very rare for a group of players to win all the time. You have to expect those heartbreaking losses. It's important to learn from defeat and get better. The best teams I ever saw were the ones that could go back and look at what they did wrong, correct it, and prevail.

Q:What is the best match you've ever shoutcasted?

A:It's hard to say. There have been so many amazing matches that I had the honor to cover over the years. Everything from the BoB finals to Quakecon to the Eurocup clashes stand out as some of the most brilliant games I ever witnessed.

Q:What do you hope to see in this cup? (RtCW Fall Cup 2012)

A:Honestly, I just hope to have some fun and to see the players do the same. It'll be nice to dive back into the past and relive the glory days once again.

Q:What is your most memorable moment of RtCW?

A:Probably attending Quakecon 2002 and meeting the teams. I'd really have enjoyed more events like that, but sadly it wasn't meant to be.

Q:USA or Euro gaming scene?

A:The European Theater exploded later but had a longer and more devoted life. Players from both fields were equally talented, but I have to tip my hat and salute the Euro scene for keeping the torch of RtCW alive for as long as they have.

Q:Burgers or Pizza?

A:Interesting question! I've been a vegetarian for almost 25 years so the burgers I enjoy are a lot different than what you might like. I love cheese pizza too! Sadly, I've sworn both off as I've grown older in an attempt to stay fit and healthy. Still, if I had to choose I think I'd vote pizza.


A:Both are totally different creatures that offer very different experiences. I've played each type of game extensively and I've found I toggle back and forth between game styles as I overplay one or the other. I think my gaming history has gone something like this:
Quake 1, Ultima Online, Tribes, Everquest, RtCW, Call of Duty 2, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, etc. I think you can see the trend there.

Q:Football or Soccer?

A:I love watching NFL Football. The current situation with the replacement refs leaves something to be desired, but it's a great game and I really enjoy it.

Q:Venom or Panzerfaust?

A:There is nothing as satisfying as a good Panzerfaust explosion! I think those who remember me know how much I enjoyed shouting into the mic when an entire team was blown apart by a well placed shot.

Q:And last but not least, any shoutouts or anything you would like to say?

A:I'd just like to show my respect to everyone that never let the flame of RtCW die. If I have one regret it's that I didn't stick around longer with the community to help them keep the story alive. I hope to make amends for that. Let the games begin!

This is just a small piece of the pie that you can have. Plenty of more interviews to come by the oldschoolers from the good old days! Gather your companions for the battlefield once again and prepare to fight! Thanks alot WarWitch for your time and don't forget, WarWitch will be shoutcasting the RtCW Fall Cup 2012 !

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Here is an example of his shoutcast :

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