So I sat down once again with one of the legends in RtCW, the norwegian powerhouse Norway zerom! We had a small chat before the upcoming RtCW Fall Cup 2012 and asked some questions about him and the expectations of the fall cup. So grab your pringles and coke, it's time to have a chat with him.

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Q: Hello zerom, could you please introduce yourself and what do you do when you're not playing games and where the name zerom came from?

A: Hey, my name is Andreas Ringstad, I'm 29 years old, from Norway and I live in Oslo. I work as a mailman and have been doing that for the last 3 years.
I'm also a fan of console RPG games, and that's where my nickname comes from. It's a shortened version of the name of the last boss in a Final Fantasy game.

Q: As the RtCW cup approaches what are your thought about the teams that you have already seen and who do you think has the potential to step up against KiH or any other potential winner in this cup?

A: Of the teams I've seen I have to say overpowered seems the best. Insane aim and just triple headshots all over the place. I guess one soldier could give them a challenge though.
As for us, we aren't on the same skill level as before and need time to get it back into it. At the moment I don't even see us having a chance beating these teams. We will see though,
official games are never the same as a practise game.

Q: What makes KiH people come back to RtCW after all these years?

A: A good interesting cup is always tempting. We love to play RtCW, so if we have the chance to do so with a reasonable lineup we will keep playing.

Q: Now we all know that KiH has been together for long years now with small changes but usually with the same guys. What makes you guys stick together after all those years? Whats the big secret?

A: Alot of us have been playing together since long before we even started playing RtCW. The list of games we have played together is pretty long and includes games like Quake 2 , Quake 3, Quake 4, ET, Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike: Source and recently even some Counter Strike: GO. There are also probably other games i've forgotten. As for why we stick together, I guess we just fit together well, both in game and socially.

Q: Everytime KiH makes a return it's just matter of week or two once you get your KiH groove once again, is there an in-game leader or dose it really run on the experience which you guys have achieved over the years?

A: We try to have an in-game leader, but it usually just goes automatically. It's probably a combination of how much we've played together and old routine.
Lately though, it feels like the old routines don't work as well as before :P

Q: Rumours have been going around in the community, is it true Askungen is actually Basshunter?

A: Yes it's true and he listens to his own songs all the time.

Q: What do you think about the return of the WarWitch and what do you think is the best moment of WarWitch?

A: It's definitely awesome that WarWitch is coming back. He was easily the best shoutcaster in any game for me and just brought matches so much more excitement. He excelled in RtCW because he had the perfect setup for it, with the sound effects and everything. As for his best moment, I'm not sure since I can't say I've heard that many of his casts sadly. This is mainly because he mostly shoutcasted games in the american leagues. I have to say he did really well at the Painkiller world tour and the final there where was pretty awesome.

Q: We know that there is only 2 true masters of RtCW left in the scene, Kris or Zerom? ;)

A: Haha, I'd say Kris is definitely better than me now :P

Q: Is there a dream about a team that you would like to see with a comeback and why?

A: The old SnapS team (Ripley, Hypnotoad, DarkWing, Vega etc). They were really cool guys, and also really good players and a lot of fun to play against.

Q: Flamethrower or Venom?

A: Flamethrower all the way!

Q: Pizza or Pasta?

A: Pizza, easily.

Q: WarWitch or DeeAy?

A: WarWitch with his whole setup can't be beaten by any other shoutcaster. But DeeAy was great as well :)

Q: Knö i Hörn or iNfensus?

A: I'd have to say KiH since we just have more fun playing. While we were playing as iNfensus everything was very serious and that kind of dampened the atmosphere a little bit, at least for me.

Q: Thanks alot for the interview, any last shoutouts or requests?

A: No problem. Shoutouts to the ones that won't be able to play with us, Arne, ozzy and forsen. For requests, I'd like you to ban Sipperi from using grenades the entire cup, thank you.

Thank you very much for the interview Norway zerom and I wish you the best for the cup!
This was our second interview and many more to come so keep your eyes opened! Mean while visit #rtcw.wars and contribute and play RtCW!

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Stay tuned for more! Peace.