Happy Survivor Gamez! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Part entertainment, part brutal retribution for a past rebellion, the televised games are broadcast throughout Chernarus. Only one can walk away alive.

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As mentioned before, the Survivor Gamez are edging closer. Qualifier now announced to allow anyone brave enough the chance to face off with the best of the best. If you thought scraping a living in the zombie infested world was hard enough in DayZ you need not apply. If you think one run through Elektro made you the next Sacriel, lets be serious now.

On twitchTV you will be able to watch the Crème de la crème of the streaming and PVP world of DayZ battle it out in one match, until only one stands. Every streamer will have their chance, some newer to this...some veterans. One addition im sure everyone will notice is the likes of Sacriel, one to watch for sure. So who will be crowned the true king of DayZ? Not only will they walk away with some fantastic prizes but the prestige of knowing you are the strongest survivor of them all.

Are you stronger than they are ? You think you know how to hunt? Show them how good you are. This is the time to show them everything, make sure they remember you. With names such as Kai, Brotatoe, Lirik and Puddn to name just afew you will surely be one to remember if you are brave enough to join this. This event will not only have their individual streams running but there will be a fantastic shoutcasted version so you wont miss any of the action.

Just so Crossfire.nu could get the exclusive inside thoughts towards this, i asked a handful of the players to comment on the upcoming event...

So Brotatoe, As a veteran to the "Survivor Gamez" style competitions how do you feel you will fair with the new additions of the likes of Sacriel? You are known to be one of the more favored players will these additions change your style of play?

QuoteI have no doubt every player is skilled including Sacriel in this competition. I'm actually looking forward to having a better chance against the other opponents and playing much more stealthily now that I know everyone has a better understanding of the games the only edge anyone will get now is awareness and reliance on yourself. Players like Sacriel will definitely be a powerhouse to watch out for but I have a few tricks planned as well to counter the other's strengths and weaknesses.

Check out Brotatoe - http://www.twitch.tv/brotatoe/

To get a contrasting point of view I thought we should talk to Atles, a possible lamb to the slaughter or who knows he could turn out to be a true dark horse of this event, So Atles, as part of the "Brosquad" I hear rumors you will be applying for the Survivor Gamez, how do you think you will do?

QuoteIf there is a possibility that I will take part in these Survival GameZ, I believe that I would have the potential to make this event worth while. Though I do not seem to be someone that everyone knows, I do have potential, as does my partner Brotatoe. Together, we could be promising enough to last for quite a while, due to our abilities to scout out areas, and tactically work together in order to eliminate our opponents. In the last Survival GameZ, we died at a point where we were the 5th team that lived the longest, and due to some inconveniences, we were not able to work to our full potential. This time around, if I was selected, I'd be sure to aim for a higher spot, as I feel as though I can be the underdog of this event.

Check out Atles - http://www.twitch.tv/atlesgaming

Last but far from least ..Rezt_ So Rezt, As a well known DayZ streamer and someone more known for their fun ways in DayZ how do you think you will do in a competition like this, will you be gunning for any other streamers in particular?

QuoteMe and Giantwaffles objective in the survivor games is simply to get full gear instantly. Which is pretty easy for me cause i Start with the flashlight but yeah we need to find a Crossbow for Waffle and we pretty much won the SurvivorGamez already. And we are planning to take out any enemy we see but one enemy in particular is Lirik who is known to be Giantwaffles dear friend would be a target we would keep in mind :) But yeah overall the SurvivorGamez will be a piece of cake.

Check out Rezt - http://www.twitch.tv/rezt_

So for those i didn't get a statement from find the full list of participants..

Invitational list:
Tommy The Gunner
Thinking PC Gamer

Good luck to anyone willing to apply, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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This is under the assumption there is one winner, this could change. Rules will be updated as soon as i know!