With the uncertainty surrounding the future of Tzac, there is a risk that the community could become split over its replacement. There is, however a consensus around the community that a replacement is needed, and without doing so risks dipping back into the dark ages of 2008-2010 where cheaters spread like wild fire. During this article I will be looking at two possible situations: firstly situation 'A' where Tzac continues,secondly, situation 'B' where Tzac is discontinued.

If Tzac is to continue, great! I doubt anyone would complain, except perhaps darkrider. However, what is not great is the current state of the community. There are two major leagues in et, clanbase and Esl and in no circumstances will the two assimulate and this is a good thing. However there is a third league with the ET community top of their list of priorities, Crossfire. Crossfire is the hub for the competitive community and with this comes the power to influence and increase the life span of et and its community. In my opinion what Crossfire needs to do costs very little for a massive return. Firstly a crossfire minecraft server, afaik there are an abundance of crossfire minecraft players. Secondly the crossfire content competition has been a massive success, why not build on it?. The best kind of content in my opinion are fragmovies, so why not create a fragmovie competition (I can't remember the last one). Thirdly more competitions. The last BFB tournament was a massive success and created a model of how content should be done, from the detailed newsposts to showing how streams should be utilised in et. These competitions could be a future BFB tournament, Crossfire draft cup or even ET allstars. Finally, what is apparent in ET of late is the lack of shoutcasters, this is because I assume Tosspot doesn't have much time and Owzos voice broke so he now sounds like sylvestor Stallone. The answer is to inspire new shoutcasters, through yep... another competition. This will entail a popular clip (eg. Lepari doc run) where each competitor has to record themselves casting the action. Obviously it isn't financially viable to run so many competitions but these are just some ideas and they don't all need prizes.

image: eslvscb

Lets look at the second scenario, 'situation B'. If Tzac is discontinued, presumably there are two options; esl wire or Clanbase AC. This is where the community is likely the be split. Esl Wire does seem desirable due to the fact it is a professionally coded ac and is regularly updated. However competition would be limited to Esl, which would mean no more Anti-cheat for publics or IRC wars, although it does compensate for this with its versus system. Secondly there is the clanbase AC, somehow Clanbase has always remained the top dog in ET with Opencup, Eurocup and Nationscup maintaining the most popular and desirable competitions, there has although been a swing recently due to the good work by sn4ke and the esl team. I know little about the Clanbase AC so if Killerboy or someone could clarify this. What I do know is that there would be a clash between which anti-cheat to use and if both leagues remain could this mean using two anti-cheats for different leagues and what about publics?

(Disclaimer:The middle paragraph is mainly opinionated and the last paragraph is the main argument.)