It was a late friday evening with Bully on ventrilo after playing some RtCW 3on3 games vs KiH, when I decided to interview him. Bully is playing in the upcoming Return to Castle Wolfenstein Fall Cup for
EuropeOverpowered with the following lineup:

Netherlands bully
Finland mystic
Norway kris
Estonia mata
Finland sipperi
Finland sirkka
Estonia pudi

image: microphone_256
Q: Hello Bully, could you introduce yourself?

A: Hello, my name is Lorenzo , I am 24 years old and live in Holland. I work as a fitness instructor in a gym that uses equipment pre-dating the dinosaurs. My hobbies include fitness, boxing, painting/drawing, annoying sipperi, making videos and spending my evening hours (which often progress into night hours) playing RtCW.

Q: Where did your nickname come from? Were you a bully in highschool or something?

A: It's been so long ago that I started using that nickname, I actually forgot the reason behind it's meaning.

Q: Most of the people left in the RtCW scene see Europe Overpowered, the clan that you are playing for in this cup, as the best team. Do you think that any team will have a shot at beating, or atleast winning a few rounds against you?

A: I think it's safe to say my team has some of the strongest individual players, but since we're a new team we have to get used to eachothers playingstyle. That said we practice quite alot and things are going well, although it would be nice to test our teamplay against different opponents. Currently 22 teams have signed up, most of which I don't know, so I can only make a reasonable guess about the teams I know whether they pose a threat or not :D. Out of the teams I know one soldier could possibly pose a threat, they have a lot of experience playing with eachother and have proved themselves in the past. In my best case scenario we would face them in the finals and give people a good show!

Q: Is there an ingame leader in your team during games?

A: Everybody has their say somewhat, but if I would point out one, I would say Sipperi. He's the master mind (or so he thinks) behind our tactics and generally calls certain attacks.

Q: Does Finland mystic actually talks on comms? Have you got to know him better? How do you see him as a person?

A: I'm very sorry but that information is confidential, I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

Q: Did you ever dream about RtCW?

A: Yes, sometimes I dream about United Kingdom MerlinatoR's perfectly timed spam and then I wake up realising I have to change my underwear.

Q: What team do you think will suprise at this cup?

A: I think cave will, they've played with eachother for several years and now have the fantastic addition of the belgian beast, homie.

Q: Best teamplayer? Best aimer? Best panzerfaust? Best jumper? Best spammer? (In RtCW, ever)

A: Best teamplayer: Finland Sirkka
Best aimer: Norway Kris
Best panzerfaust: Finland Sipperi
Best jumper: Sweden FeTTe
Best spammer: United Kingdom MerlinatoR

Q: What is your favourite RtCW movie?

A: Raziel - A Day In The Matrix. It's the movie that has influenced me the most.

Q: Ice or Frostbite?

A: Ice

Q: Livestream or WolfTV + shoutcast?

A: Both, but if I really have to pick, then it would be WolfTV + shoutcast.

Q: Cardio or weightlifting?

A: Weightlifting, I'm too lazy for cardio.

Q: Thanks alot for the interview, any last shoutouts or requests?

A: My shoutout go's out to everyone that has kept RtCW alive. I request you to bring the ring to mordor to destroy it, it's evil.

image: 53886_473416539370380_1840626197_o
Bully on the left, together with his old clanmate Netherlands voice at the Adroits ET Lan last week in Enschede