With the Adroits lan finished, ETLive just announced, TZ-AC saved and the next date for a great offline event in Poland scheduled for 2nd and 3rd March next year our beloved image: et Enemy Territory community got enough topics to talk and discuss about! Thus I felt itchy to ask some of the more known community members and skilled players about their own opinion and idea about all the current happening and I can promise some really interesting point of views. There is no need to give a more detailed introduction - I just encourage you to head over to the next page and start reading about the ET-Live project, TZ-AC and the ET community as a whole.

This is not just a gathering of pure player opinions but rather an interesting text for the ETLive developers and all Crossfire readers/Enemy Territory players out there to "Look who's talking". We all love this game and by improving or changing our own behavior/attitude at least a little bit we can all have a better and joyful time. SPU9 - Over and out!