After United Kingdom crumbs got home from his ET LAN victory in Netherlands Enschede, I caught up with him to ask some questions about him and his team regarding the upcoming RtCW Fall Cup

Crumbs is playing for United Kingdom one.soldier with the following lineup:

United Kingdom MerlinatoR
United Kingdom sharky
United Kingdom dusty
United Kingdom crumbs
United Kingdom owzo
Netherlands juncie
Latvia Clown
Ireland richie
Netherlands abort

image: microphone_256
Q: Good afternoon, crumbs! Could you quickly introduce yourself?

A: Hello superstar Belgium homie. My name is Richard Wright, I'm 24 years old, I'm a software programmer from London and all round gaming champion. Other than games I play football, and can be seen bossing the defence in the Highbury and Islington 5-a-side leagues.

Q: Before I go any further on RtCW related questions. It always amazes me how well you perform on a high level for not playing the game as active as other players, eg last weeks Adroits ET LAN event, How much did you practice beforehand online and do you play ET often nowadays?

A: I don't think I'd really played ET since the previous ET lan other than a couple of 3on3s. I was under the assumption we were going again as Chocomel again for a laugh, but I think only me and potty were up for it to begin with. Then a few days before the LAN I joined One Pound Fish, I had only played 2-3 days with United Kingdom Kamz and had just been playing RTCW on off for a few weeks. As the pracs started with United Kingdom £1 Fish, I wasn't playing very well, getting alot of full spawns as my ET game sense was very rusty in general. However since I have played RTCW and ET for a combination of 9 years I have enough experience to get some of the game sense back fairly quickly. I also reverted to my old role when I first started RTCW competitvely with UDS.Blue of being the team playing medic. My damage ratios were therefore terrible, but I think I contributed to the team playing this role, as we already had 4-5 damage dealers in the team. So I don't see my activity as so much of a problem, as long as you follow calls on comms and play your role as you are supposed to.

Q: I think a lot of people had a smile on their face when they saw United Kingdom one.soldier appear on the sign-up list. What is the reason for this comeback and who decided to set it off?

A: I'm not sure if its really a comeback, most of us try and play a RTCW cup when they come along. But I guess this time we all were a bit more inactive than usual. United Kingdom Dusty set the ball rolling, by messaging us all on crossfire and we all said yes, but I guess most people said they wouldn't be able to play too often. To compensate we've added a few new players like United Kingdom owzo and Netherlands abort who we've played with in other games.

Q: Back in the days, a lot of teams never wanted to face you guys, because you were literally unbeatable. Do you think that this cup will be any different? How active do you practice with the team at the moment?

A: I don't think we've played one game with what I would call our best lineup, but I don't think that will happen for most of the cup so we can't expect to practice with it. I think the story of this cup is very similar to the last few cups, other teams look like they can beat us on paper, and often do during pracs. But i think if we get the core of the team to play the officials (crmbs, juncie, MerlinatoR and sharky), then with the strong players we will have for the 5th and 6th, we should do well again. I can't see any one but Europe Overpowered pushing us all the way though. They have generally been quite active and have slightly moved away from the Europe noPressure all aimers tactic and actually have got some good spam and objective players in their team now.

Q: Besides Europe Overpowered and United Kingdom one.soldier, what other teams should perform well in this cup?

A: In my opinion Hungary cave, Netherlands xeimos and Sweden KiH will be battling for 3rd, and possibly when the officals start Germany Highbot might buck their ideas up a bit and do better than expected.

Q: What is your happiest memory about RtCW?

A: Attending CPC2 with United Kingdom one.soldier

image: the_lads
Picture of CPC2 RtCW LAN in 2007. Various one.soldier, KiH & verdiend! players
Middle row 3 most right players: juncie, crumbs, sharky and MerlinatoR

Q: What do you think about the return of United States of America Warwitch, and some other old shoutcasters to cast some RtCW games?

A: I think the return of Warwitch was one of the major reasons to play the cup, as I think everyone wants to get a nice soundbite from him casting their games. It will also fit very nicely into the United Kingdom one.soldier movie when United Kingdom MerlinatoR gets moving! United States of America DJWheat has casted our games in the past, which was also very nice, I think the american accent makes it so much better.

Q: What is your favourite RtCW map and why?

A: In the past I have always liked frostbite as it can be really exciting and I find I can dominate on it when playing well. However in recent years te_escape2 is now my favourite, just for the mass fragging and docs secures.

Q: Most underrated player? Most overrated player? Nicest player? (In RtCW, ever)

A: Most underrated player: United Kingdom chronos
Most overrated player: Belgium Xionn
Nicest player: Sweden ozzy

Q: Estonia ZeD planned the finals at 16 december, do you think it will be possible to reach this deadline?

A: I predict the cup to finish some time in January, as I think peoples schedules will be far busier when December comes. I also have a pub crawl on the 15th so may not be in a fit state for the finals. [15:43] <cave-homie> don't worry cave will beat you at semis so np! :D
[15:44] <crumbs> dnt u have to get out of the groups to do that ?
[15:44] <cave-homie> hahahaha

Q: Thompson or MP40?

A: Thompson

Q: Doc run based maps or dynamiteable obj based maps?

A: Doc run maps, but mp_base is also awesome

Q: Thanks alot for the interview, any last shoutouts or requests?

A: Shoutout to Latvia Clown my fellow champion and to Estonia freeze and United Kingdom owzo - I miss going to see the dogs

image: 56617_474520335926667_1186525826_o
Crumbs (second from right), together with £1 Fish, after winning Adroits ET LAN event last weekend

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