Some days ago I was browsing Crossfire and while checking the recent journals and forum topics my attention got caught by a post named "Building new ET team" - well, nowadays you do see such posts every day but I was interested because
Germany kReSti made the post and I thought he is still playing for PDEG. Well, to keep it short he is not but he does have a great motivation for his new project and that`s why I had a short chat with him.

As you can read he tries to establish a new team with him and humM3L as teamleader/teacher and some newer and not so experienced players around them. An awesome initiative as I think. In case this projects works out I do see a future in this scheme. Maybe other known and skilled people will follow the same path (be it because of tiredness of playing all the time with the same colleagues or just to help others becoming better...) and we will have more equally skilled teams in the near future.