image: BO2-banner

Blackops 2, the game that has everyone keeping one eye on it. I think we have all thrown money away into previous titles produced to similar effect and like a scorned women we are cautious to put trust into another one.

The glimmer of hope reared its ugly head again, last night in London there was the #BlackOps2Live event and well there have been some interesting thoughts seeping from the twitter world.

"ReL and Momo ‏@ThevPBrothers
After casting a few games so far today at #BlackOps2Live ... I can safely say that BO2 is gonna be so so good for competitive... Srs. - ReL"

Mike Bembenek ‏@SmellyMoss
Black Ops 2 is saweeeeet. Like saweeeeet. Not that you didn't know that but its great to see it in person... Live like. #BlackOps2Live

In the Bloomsbury Ballroom, you had the likes of Hastro and Michael Rooker giving you the low down on all things Blackops2 and i thought... i better get down there and see what all the fuss is about, so tomorrow morning... with my trusty cup of coffee i'm going to brave the mass unwashed CoD players and see what its all about.

image: A7VWv52CEAAdlDr

I ask you what do you want me to look out for? If you want sly pictures of awkward xbox gamers...i will deliver. If you want me to look out for what people are hyping up as a great "shoutcasting" overlay feature and my opinion on that... i will. Will it apply to the Pc well? New guns? Whatever you want, i will find !

Holla Holla Get Dolla.
I will update Sunday evening on my finding.