ESL Announce €500 Black Ops 2 Opening Cup

On the 25th of November at 19:00 CET MLTv will be bringing you the first Call of Duty : Black Ops 2 Opening Cup powered by Hauppauge. This will be the FIRST broadcast of a brand new channel created by Tommeh, Mark and Myself (Pansy).

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So tune in to see up to 256 teams battle it out to see who will be walking away with not only 5x Hauppauge PVR2 Gaming Edition's but €500 cash. This will be played out under the new ESL rules just released for CoD:Bo2 which includes restricting weapons such as...

Allowed Weapons

Assault Rifles: MTAR, Type 25, SWAT-556, FAL OSW, M27, SCAR-H, SMR, AN-94
SMG's: MSMC, Chicom CQB 2 per team
Sniper Rifles: Ballista, DSR 50 1 per team / no pickups
Shotguns: R-870 MCS, KSG 1 per team / no pickups
Attachments: FMJ, Ballistics CPU, Iron Sight
Perks: Awareness

Secondary weapons: Five-seven, Tac-45
Lethal: Frag granade
Non lethal: Smoke/Flash 1 per player


Everything else that you don't see on this list is disabled, including shields, perks, attachments and so on. Using unallowed weapons, perks or attachments may lead to losing a round or the whole match.

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So if this seems to get your attention make sure you tune your Twitch viewing schedule to pick up our Shoutcast and coverage over on

Link :
Casters : Pansy , Tommeh & Mark
Time : 19:00 CET/18:00GMT
Favorite Teams

Yolo eSports
blackmane, caesiuM, mark, ono , paradox-, Rapture, toxjee

fekuj, Filter, ivankaj, jUHO_o, k1mi, rEplan, samso, saruz, ztk

dakkaz, Darkyyy, Gretsch, johieman, Strove, uzuma

Marre ,Ati_, Fat Bo, Jo0f, minzER, plaZmaa

With that in mind i spoke to Rapture, a member of Yolo eSports -

QuotePansy : Hi Rapture - You guys have come from CoD4 mostly and never really been in a solid team together in the previous title, how have you been finding BO as a collective?

QuoteRapture : we've been finding BO a very easy and good transition from cod4 promod. Despite not having the same customisability as our old title has, BO still has the essentials that any game needs to become competitive. As a group we have been mixing from the release of the title and have been pleased with the progress so far and are excited for the potential of the game.

So tune in tomorrow!

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