For those who missed the chance to catch the CS:GO live at i47 make sure you check out the vods ive compiled below! Hopefully you'll enjoy them, i was pretty tired after day 1 but i think it went well overall. Finals will be on the multiplay site! Anyway Enjoy!

image: i47-csgo-tournament-announce

Link for day 1 :

1st game of day 1
[R]eason vs c4u

2nd game of day 1
fm eSports TOXiC vs Mistral Gaming

3rd game of day 1
ROCKETMEN vs See For Yourself

4th game of day 1
Infused.TteSports vs fm eSports TOXiC

Link for the second day:

1st game of day 2
See for Yourself vs Mistral Gaming

2nd game of day 2
fm eSports vs See for Yourself

The final will be on Multiplays channel somewhere :)