With the playoffs well into the latter rounds it's only fitting to interview the man behind the curtain and voice of all the action throughout the RTCW Fall Cup, United States of America Warwitch!

1. Hey there Warwitch! Back in September, before things kicked off, you had done an interview with Estonia ZeD which pretty much covered who you are as a person and what you do. That being said, just give the community a quick reminder of your history within the RTCW community, where did it all start?

Looking back, I honestly never expected that a single game would have so much influence over my life. When Return to Castle Wolfenstein was released, I knew the moment I saw the box art that the game was made for people like me. I was one of the lead shoutcasters at the time for the Team Sportscast Network and we were looking to expand our coverage. RTCW was the answer and I immediately signed on to cover the game. I quickly adopted the title, the Axis Shoutkaster, and shortly thereafter created the Axis Goat more or less by accident. The rest is history.

2. Personal stuff aside, lets focus on the present and in particular the resurgence of RTCW with the launch of this Fall Cup. Sure the community has shrunk considerably since the hay days, but is there something to be said about an 11 year old game that attracts the level of talent that has participated in this tournament? What is it about Return to Castle Wolfenstein that makes it "immortal" in ways?

Return to Castle Wolfenstein hits the ground running right out of the box. Sure, the graphics are dated, but it's the gameplay that holds up against the test of time. Competitive play is enhanced by Stopwatch mode I think too. It's one of the most exciting ways to watch the action unfold. Combine all that with a classic Axis vs Allies, good vs evil theme and you have something special.

3. We're down to the final four in the winners bracket. As someone who has seen this tournament play out from inception, have things gone just about the way you thought they would? Has any team surprised you along the way?

From the start I was informed that this would very likely be a one.soldier vs oP tournament. I've been watching those teams very closely and I'm not shocked at all by how things have shaped up thus far. That being said, I've learned a lot since the start of the tournament and I have my eyes locked on some of the heavy hitters like Xeimos and KiH. I'll be really curious to see how they match up with their rivals in the coming weeks.

4. Clearly the amount of European teams have dominated this cup with 20 out of 24 teams to sign up. Only 2 North American teams made the playoffs with only one of those teams, United States of America Stable, remaining. Is there any way possible you see the lone US team making a run in the "consolation" bracket towards a chance at the finals? Stable faces off against Badazz as of this posting.

I play the role as Axis Shoutcaster, but in my heart I always like to route for the American teams. They are the underdogs and it's a very fun storyline to play the Europe vs United States theme ONAIR. I'm all about building drama if you haven't noticed. As far as Stable goes, they have their work cut out for them. DtS and Badazz are not a team that are going to roll over easily, but if CkY and his crew can bring their A-Team roster to the field and overcome their struggles when on European servers, we could see a very close game.

5. Final four in the winners bracket, consolation bracket is still very much alive, based on what you've watched thus far how do you see the rest of this tournament playing out? Predictions?

There are many men out there far more informed than me that could give you a very clear picture of how this will ultimately play out. All I know for a fact is that the remaining games are going to be simply amazing. I'd urge people to watch them live. I think we're in for a treat!

6. In your previous interview with Estonia ZeD you had mentioned you're a fan of the Panzerfaust, I'm right there with you on that. Everyone knows that a great panzer player can really dictate the pace of a match. Is that something you look for when you're casting a match, who is the panzer? and has anyone really stood out to you during these playoffs that could really make a difference in the outcome of this cup? I know it's a team game that depends on all 6 players but everyone knows if a panzer is dominate over their opponents, the match changes significantly.

I seem to lean heavy towards Panzers due to their explosive nature during a broadcast. It's easy to get excited when you see an entire team get blasted across the map with one well placed shot. But in truth, what makes RTCW great for me is the simple (and yet complex) class system. It's the core of the game and it's brilliant. There is nothing more thrilling than watching a skilled Medic revive his team time and again, or biting your nails as an Engineer makes a clutch defuse on the dynamite with only moments remaining. It's all great stuff!

7. Let's talk about WarwitchTV for a minute. You've made some pretty significant upgrades to your stream over at http://www.twitch.tv/warwitchtv are you pleased with how things are turning out? Has the "rust" been knocked off after the long hiatus? Are you having fun again?

I couldn't be happier. For a long time I had my eye on making a return to shoutcasting, but I had no obvious road to get back into the swing of things. ZeD and RTCW were the conduit that brought me back. I've very grateful for that. Since I began casting again last year I've spent thousands of dollars on my setup. I'm taking this streaming thing very seriously. I really love it! Only recently did I put up a donations tab on the page and I've been humbled and honored by the outpouring of support by the community. I plan to reward them with some very special features and giveaways in the near future.

8. I know that with certain matchups a shoutcast can be a bit of a bore, especially lopsided matches. That being said, can you compare casting a match with two high power teams and two average teams? Does a successful shoutcast/stream depend more on the actual equality of a matchup than it does the talent involved?

Well, there is no denying the lure of watching two heavy hitters lock horns. I think everyone is dying to see what's going to happen when KiH take on oP for example. But in truth, I always have fun! When I commit to a game I do so 100%, and if a game is lopsided and a 4-0 blowout, you can still make it entertaining.

9. You're shoutcasts have been awesome to watch with co-caster United States of America Sabo, and guest casters United States of America Nail, United States of Americackyass, Estonia ZeD among many others. Talk about those guys for a minute, how has it been working with them? Does having more casters on with you make things easier, more fun?

Working with my co-casters has been one of the best parts of this whole experience. They do a lot more than people understand and without them I would not have the will power or endurance to provide coverage each week. Sabo and I have a long history and he's been the real pleasant surprise for me. He was as much retired from shoutcasting as I was (if not more), so to have him back with me in the Command Center as often as he is has been a real treat. Nail and I had never worked together before until this tournament. He's a talented player, a really nice guy and his brand of sarcastic humor mixes in well with our commentary. I also have to give props to Bridger, another broadcaster I worked with years ago. He's been invaluable, especially in the early phases of the tournament. It's been a real pleasure working with CkYass as well. His 'in your face pull no punches' commentary is epic stuff. I'm made better by the people around me. There are so many others as well: DtS, Voice, ZeD (the list goes on). These guys know this game better than any man alive. They have been invaluable to me.

10. Well in another interview I did with Estonia ZeD, he was kind enough to drop the bomb and announce another RTCW cup in February of which you are also attached to. Is there anything new we can expect from WarwitchTV, new guests (cough, rampage, cough)? new features?

I'm VERY hopeful that a 2nd cup will be as well received as this one! I really want to see our small (but very active) community continue to flourish. I'd greatly encourage everyone to continue playing. I have some fun ideas planned for the future! As far as guests, it's always exciting to bring in new people to commentate and add their personal insights to the game. Let's definitely get you ONAIR here soon! Regarding new features, I'm constantly working on ways to make the stream better. Instant Replay is quirky, but it's up and running. Expanded War-Room coverage is something we continue to strive to accomplish each week as well. I take things one step at a time, but one thing people can expect is to see improvement each week.


I'd just like to take a moment to salute the small but super faithful soldiers who have been following and supporting WarwitchTV up to this point. I wouldn't trade these guys for anything. They've been a real pleasure to hang out with in chat each week. I look forward to interacting with them every Sunday. I'd also like to encourage everyone to visit my new Facebook page (WarwitchTV on Facebook). From there I plan to keep people updated on a daily basis on future projects and shows, as well as launch giveaways and other special events during the week. And finally a big shoutout once again to my co-casters who have been amazing, and a personal salute to you for your hard work in the community with your well written posts here on Crossfire.

Ok Warwitch, thank you very much for your time! I can't wait to watch the rest of the tournament play out and I look forward to our team being on a future cast in the next cup. Hopefully our team will be matched up more closely so we can give you a better game to cast! Thanks bud! =)

Thank you all for reading!
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