Wolfenstein fans got a sneak peak at RTCW Legacy Cup's third week on Sunday as KiH faced Cave ahead of schedule. This match saw fierce competition on Village followed by two rounds on UFO, marking the maps' return to competitive Return to Castle Wolfenstein play.

Cave opened up as allied offense on Village only to lose half the team to Zerom's three-man panzer kill ten seconds into the round. Askungen followed up with vicious 5-man airstrikes. Despite overwhelming opposition, Cave was able to gain some momentum late in the round grabbing the courtyard flag with four minutes remaining. But it was too late, resulting in a full-hold on Village.

KiH ran a solid offense straight through the tavern on the first push, resulting in a courtyard flag grab by Askungen 45 seconds into the round, just ahead of a full Allied respawn. KiH carried that momentum to the Crypt, with Ozzmosis' dynamite exposing the gold with 8:15 on the clock. Cave countered with a solid defense that was only broken by Fette and Malmen's team -run to the truck, scoring a point with only ten seconds remaining.

Round Two on Village saw another successful first push by KiH with Ozzmosis grabbing the flag with 9:10 on the clock. A few pushes later, KIH was in full control of the cemetery, dynamiting with 4:56 on the clock. Malmen then took the gold long through tavern, spawn and setting the clock at 7:37.

In the second half, Cave managed to make a medic-train all the way on their second push with Cliff making the grab just in time for an allied spawn. KiH was ready and waiting for Cave at the crypt, shutting down the first push, but Cave's second wave was too fast. With three minutes remaining, Ozzmosis was hard at work disarming Homie's dynamite only to be detonated by Cave's grenades. With just over two minutes remaining, Kylie grabbed the gold, handed it to Twist who got isolated and gunned down by Syl.

As the wildcard in the tournament, UFO turned brutal for Cave who languished outside the gates amid KiH's defense and defusals. With 8:15 on the clock, Cave had breached both gates and captured the forward spawn flag while Islam stole the documents. After changing hands several times, Twist took the documents outside through sniper-hill where he was outnumbered and outgunned, Syl making the return. Cave was unable to set the clock, giving up a full hold to KiH.

KiH's offense told a very different story, blowing the gates in just over a minute. After two strong pushes, Ozzmosis snuck into the document room and ran the documents to allied spawn. Syl then carried the documents with no resistance through the trenches, hitting the radios with a time of 5:18.

Round four was laid back, seeing the never-popular Sten. KiH set the clock at 9:43 with a direct run by Wuff. Cave was unable to beat it, losing the game with a score of 4-0 in favor of KiH.

Watch the full game on WarwitchTV: http://www.twitch.tv/warwitchtv/b/408625772