Just as ET reached its 10 years milestone, it went down the hole with a series of unfortunate events.
Let's take a look back at some of the biggest step backs on the competitive scene in Enemy Territory:

ESL dropping out;
SLAC/TZAC project failure;
CB ending;
UAC soon to be discontinued;
and much more.

So.. How do you see ET in the near future?
Quote by TimbolinaProbably an org way bigger than Clanbase ever was will take over ET ladders. Well I think ET will be quite active once again in a few months. It's just very inactive at the moment because of Clanbase downfall, just give it some time.

Quote by ohurcoolWith UAC shutting down in January, and ClanBase (as an organization, at least) likely doing the same fairly soon, the future doesn't look too bright for ET. Many teams and players have moved on, and playing versus cheaters seems to be a daily occurrence nowadays. However, I've been talking with other admins and brainstorming for ideas to help keep this game alive as long as possible. Regardless of what happens with ClanBase, you can count on me, Aniky, and szczurek to continue to support ET until the very end. I can also tell you that Artstar and MerlinatoR have some cool plans for Crossfire in the near future, and Marcus from YCN and GamesTV is working on a few things as well. As bad as it may seem at the moment, it could be worse. Fret not!

Quote by dec7Dead unless there will a be good anticheat/method of recognizing players.

Quote by OxyET has no future, constant decline of player base, activity and overall care for the game have put it into the grave a while ago, the split community over the recent anti cheat drama and debate doesn't help either, there will be one more eurocup, maybe even a nations cup at most till everyone stops bothering to pick it up, there's just no interest left in the game any more, and even more so.. competition. If
there were more viable teams left i reckon a lot of the good players would be more motivated to play, but that's just not happening as time and time has shown again, it's always the same 10 odd guys dominating the scene.

Quote by AdetoHope there will be some competitive scene left but lets say near is a year it probably wont be great.

Quote by StattiCompetitive scene will be dead in year or 2 if new anticheat will not be released. Doesn't matter whether it is released or not but game will not be popular anymore. It just doesn't attract new players anymore and older players including myself just don't have time or motivation to play anymore. I don't know much about the current situation in CB but seems pretty crap too. I'd say without CF becoming really active with the ET scene the competition will be near nothing in about a year. Hard fact, and my opinion. Would want to see ET going strong from 5 years from now but I don't see how that would be possible considering newer players are not interested in an old game like ET and the ones who try will only keep playing random public mods

No one can foresee the future, and this game seems to be on the edge of ruin, however, there's still a chance to save it.
Some may have lost hope, some still fight for it, but only time will tell what the future will bring to this wonderful game.
So tell me, how do you see ET in the near future?