In an effort to revive the Articles section here on Crossfire (and maybe inspire others to do the same), I'm conducting a short series of interviews with some known - and not-so-known - ET players and admins.

My first interviewee has made a name for himself on this website with his popular "survey" journals and colorful profile page. He's one of my favorite people to play with and least favorite people to play against.

It's... United States of America ipod!
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Hi, ipod! Could you please introduce yourself for those who don't know you?

Hello crossfire. my nick is ipod and I live in NYC. I'm 21 years old and am in my final year of college getting my computer science degree. I have been playing et for some time now. I haven't really ever gotten to compete at a top level so many people dont know me that much but I've been quite active on crossfire.

How long have you been playing ET? How did you get started?

I started playing ET around 10 years ago. My brother downloaded it from this program called "kazaa" or something and i started playing with him.

When did you start using the nickname "ipod"? Where did you get it?

Back in like 8th grade I really wanted an ipod when it was the new thing out :D and I put my name as it

And what nickname had you been using before then?

I used my brothers old name HOTSHOT

You play ET mostly at work, right? Why is that?

I work in Media Services where we have like 50 computers for professors to use for special lectures which they only do during the summer time. My job doesnt require much work so I have a lot of free time. I don't play at home as much because I have a very shitty computer and i hate playing on it.

What's an average day like for you?

Currently it's very stressful. I am taking 5 computer science classes because I wanna graduate by next semester and it's really frustrating trying to study for all those and work at the same time. My gym routine has been fucking up as well. Still trying to get et games here and there. Monday thru friday I have classes early in the morning and then work and then class again at night. :(

Do any of your real life friends know you play ET? If so, what do they think of it?

My co worker played civilization and sees me play a lot and he got quite interested in it and wanted to try it. He plays on pub servers a lot and is getting the hang of it.

And have you ever met another ET player in real life?

Yes! I got to meet United States of America chronic back in 9th grade. He was in my middle school and it was the weirdest thing when we both found out how close we live to each other.

What other games do you play besides ET? Any console games?

I have a 360 but I never get the chance to play it because my TV is being used as a monitor also :(. Aside from ET, I did enjoy playing the Grand Theft Auto series.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully with a degree in computer science and a well paying job. I have an internship laid out for me next semester so hopefully they can link me with a job right after. If that does happen and this game still has a community, I will definitely host some tournament with some prizes :)

Haha, sounds good! Now on a more serious note...

Have you ever used cheats in ET? How do you feel about cheating in general?

Never cheated and never will. I think it's sad. I could never feel good about playing well against someone while hacking because its not my real skill. Cheaters are fucking pathetic.

You are known for talking shit a lot, both in-game and on Crossfire or GamesTV. Why so rude?!

I never start the shit talking on CF or GTV. Someone will always try to be a smartass and say something retarded to get a reaction out of me and I just shit talk back. Mostly it's jokes but then there are some degenerates who need to be put in their place.

How do you feel about the current state of ET? What can be done to help boost activity?

If you look at the older newsposts like even 6 years back you can see topics about et being dead and activity dying. The current state isn't too great but I don't think this game will ever die. There will still be players here and there. NA activity has been going on a lot lately. Not competition wise but doing internals every night. Just yesterday there were like 20 people on the server. I think if you can keep hosting the cybergamer leagues and more tournaments like the DRGN and phase tournaments keep going on it will definitely get more attention. However we should make it for the 6v6 format rather than 3v3.

How would you convince someone who has never played ET before to start playing it?

Any of my friends who have ever seen me play this game have been interested in it and definitely tried it. I feel like ET fragmovies are very creative and show a lot of skill and really capture the viewers interest

Well, which frag movies would you show them?

Fragarea 3

What would you say to someone who says "ET is dead"?

I would tell them to look at the newsposts or columns from years ago which were bitching and crying about the same damn thing. I get to play both 3v3 and 6v6 quite easily when I want so I don't really care.

Name one or two maps you'd like to see played more often.

Supply and Goldrush.
I really wanna see et_ice being played in 6v6 again. Aside from that karsiah wasn't a bad map either, same with sos_secretweapon

Karsiah is actually in the 6on6 maplist for CyberGamer EU ET Season 2! Speaking of which, I see you're currently participating in our second 6on6 cup season as well as the 3on3 cup by TEAM-PHASE.

Can you talk a little about your experiences in these cups so far?

We actually got dropped from the phase tournament because we lost a map to Europe innerSense even tho we won the game. :(, I felt as though we couldve gotten far. as for the cg, I'm playing with United States of America Electrostatic Discharge and we are currently rolling. We have only lost a game to Europe TAG and hopefully we don't lose anymore. :>

How about some predictions for the current cups?

CG EU ET Season 2: 6on6 (Div 1)? Europe TAG
CG EU ET Season 2: 3on3 (Div 1)? Netherlands DoubleDutchDragons
TEAM-PHASE 3on3 ET Cup? Poland wiSe guys

What do you consider to be the biggest achievement or most memorable moment in your ET career?

I don't have many :( cause I never really had a decent PC. But I guess winning a couple of seasons with Europe CTRL.d gaming :). Most memorable moment would be playing my first ettv game against United Kingdom TLR and picking up 2 four man frags against em.

And your biggest pet peeve in ET?

no engi in random mixes.
losing flag 3v1 cause everyone wants to do their own shit
rambo medics

Favorite map?


Least favorite map?


And some more favorites:

Favorite class? medic
Favorite weapon? thompson/panzer
Favorite player? Sweden NuggaN
Favorite team? United Kingdom TLR

Who do you think is the...

Best player in ET at the moment? Germany KRESTi
Best aimer in ET at the moment? Netherlands aphesia
Most underrated player? Poland WuT
Most overrated player? United Kingdom razz :PPPPP

What's your "dream team"?

Iceland phyzic
Sweden NuggaN
Germany KRESTi
Italy XyLoS
Belgium chry
Finland squall

Final words? Any shoutouts?

et best game ever :>
shoutout to everyone still playing it
shoutout to United States of America Mona<3, United States of America ecLipse, United Kingdom Artstar, United States of America imsupahigh, Finland Fat, United States of America Fiz, United States of America ohurcool, United States of America peaches, United States of America Foreigner, United States of America bape, Germany g4mma, Germany hAVOC, United States of America hayzay, Germany amicorum, Portugal setup, Finland froxe

Who would you like to see interviewed next?

Germany KRESTi or Poland WuT

Thanks, ipod!

image: eiKtUtG

Who do you guys want to be featured in my next interview? Leave a comment below!