NOTE: While some of this information may still be relevant, it is extremely out of date.

After seeing more people on Crossfire starting to get interested in Dirty Bomb after it's Open Beta launch. I figured why not share all the information out there and filter out the bullshit. Having played the game since it's Alpha stage, being competitively active and having seen all the information come and go, I'm pretty up-to-date with all there is to know.

This will be a combination of a 'tutorial' and directions to useful information that is out there combined with it. Aimed at the more common/frequently asked questions I get. If there is anything in here that you have questions about, reply and I will try to answer things. I know a lot but not everything so I will refer you to the people who know or I will get you the answer if I can. Let's get started with running the game and in-game settings.