CoD2 EuroCup XIII Lan Finals Preview

With the EuroCup Lan Finals only days away, Crossfire's Liam Crowley previews the upcoming CoD2 event. Undoubtably the biggest tournament for CoD2 this year, the EuroCup XIII Lan Finals feature the best of the best from all over Europe and will be broadcast live on Danish television. Be sure to check back in the coming days for more updates.

CPC.cod Group Analysis

Over the next 3 days, Enschede will play host to the finest collection of Call of Duty 2 talent we have seen perhaps since the game's release. Serious, Tek-9, Dignitas, Speedlink and many more are arriving for the second Crossfire PrizeFight Challenge with only one thing on their mind, victory. Every team here has something to prove and even though Serious could be considered slight favourites, this event is wide open with everything to play for.

CoD - Another Clanbase Blunder

It is with increasing regularity that I find myself loading the CoD2 page on ClanBase and ending up with my head in my hands not knowing whether to laugh or cry at the latest rule changes by Leon, the game supervisor, and his cronies. My latest theory is that they have created a long list of "decisions that will make people not want to play this game" and every week or so pick one out of a hat and post it on the main page.

Serious-Gaming win CPC2