Interview with iTG-FlyingDJ

I caught up with FlyingDJ and we talked a bit about ET and especially about the "ET at televison" event today.

swine: Hi FlyingDJ, please introduce yourself first.

FlyingDJ: Hi, I'm Uli, commonly known as FlyingDJ,
I am a 21 years old student from Dresden, Germany. Most people probably know me because of the shoutcasts I do for Radio iTG.

Game On: rG

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Game On #2.

So last time we had Adacore, who told us alot about his CB career. Now it's time for rG to tell us everything. I'm sure you know this guy from the uQ star team that won last years Summer Cup. And offcourse as manager of team UK. But let's see what rG has to say.

- Good evening rG.

lo xRio

GET-Cup changes?

After we had a new peak of teams at the 4th GET-Cup we thought about some changes for th 5th Version, which will take place at the 26.03.2006

Limit of Teams
What do you prefer:
Fixed number of teams but not enabling everyone who wants to play to play (first come first serve) or enable all number of teams by giving defwins to random teams in the first round.

Acer Challenge

ESL EM Update 11*

Extreme Masters Los Angeles

Latest update: Monday, 00:10 CET
- Updated the article with the Groups, important Matches, Clans of the WC3 Players and added a detailed timetable
- added four interviews
- WC 3 Group A and B finished, check out the wc3 page for more information
- CS Group A and B finished, check out the cs page for more information
- Groups finished, playoffs starting today at 19:30 CET
- Grid updated
- WC 3 WB Final now, Grid updated